Silhouette® FR Window Shadings / Hunter Douglas Contract

This month, we would like to introduce  Silhouette® FR Window Shadings, a great product from the line of Hunter Douglas Contract.

A category-defining combination of functionality and appearance, Hunter Douglas’ exclusive Silhouette FR ® windows shadings filter light while reducing glare as well as block light and provide privacy. Suspended between two sheer facings of polyester, adjustable fabric vanes can be raised and lowered like standard shades and opened or closed like horizontal blinds.

When the vanes are open, the shadings work like sheers, filtering light to eliminate glare and create an inviting glow. Vanes can be tilted to block light and provide privacy, and the shadings roll up completely into a slim headrail, allowing unobstructed views.

Key Features

- GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® and GREENGUARD Children and Schools certified for low-emitting products’
- Fabrics meet all requirements of NFPA 701 small scale flammabiltiy testing for commercial applications
- Up to 88% ultraviolet protection with vanes open and 99% with vanes closed
- Motorization available
- Backed by Lifetime Guarantee

Product Details

- Headrail: 3″ x 2-9/32″ or 3-3/16″ x 2-1/2″, standard/tilt-only/oversized configurations, fabric-covered.
- Mechanism: continuous cord loop.
- Fabrics: 18 colors, all FR *, avaliable in Originale™ classic translucent woven fabric and Bon Soir™ light-dimming fabric.
- Widths: 12″ to 96″ (standard), 6″ to 11-7/8″ (tilt-only), 12″ to 120″ (oversized).
- Heights: 16″ to 96″ (standard), 16″ to 120″ (oversized and tilt-only). Minimum height for motorized products is 12″.
- Options: motorization/remote operation, inside/outside or end mount, dust covers, non-standard cord drop lengths, 2-on-1 headrail.

Fabrics & Colors

Originale™ Translucent Fabrics

Bon Soir™ Light Dimming Fabrics

Technical Information

1. Headrail End Caps
2. Limit Screw Assembly
2a. Limit Screw
2b. Rotator
2c. Limit Nut
3. Screw
4. Universal Rotator Rail
5. Clutch Assembly
6. Screw
7. Cord Loop
8. Universal Cord Tensioner
9. Headrail (OPTIONAL: Fabric Covered)
10. Ratchet Limit Assembly
11. Bottom Slat
12. Bottom Rail
13. Bottom Rail End Caps
14. Balance Weight
15. Weight Clips
16. Fabric
17. Hold-Down Bracket
18a. Universal Cord Tensioner Mounting Bracket
18b. Universal Cord Tensioner Mounting Bracket Flush Mount

Design Options

This continuous cord loop and clutch assembly makes operating large shades easier.

Provides the ultimate choice in versatility, with the option to operate shades from the top down, the bottom up, or in combination to meet all your privacy needs while still giving you access to natural light.

Two shadings share the same headrail; each shade operates independently.

Uniquely shaped windows pose challenges in providing privacy and light control and keeping your space energy efficient. Hunter Douglas has taken on these challenges by offering the following options: perfect and imperfect arch, perfect and imperfect extended arch, circle, angle, octagon, oval, hexagon, trapezpoid, perfect and imperfect quarter circle. Vanes remain in fully opened position and are non-operable. Inside mounts only.

Versatile range of motors and controls to maximize shading benefits.

For narrow windows. Shades cannot be raised or lowered, but vanes may be positioned from fully open to fully closed.

Inside mount, outside mound, end mount (max width = 84″), dust covers, optional cord drop lengths – color-coordinated sizes: 2′, 3′, 4′, and 5′ for standard and oversized rails. White available in a 1′ length, and 12′ increments from 6-16′ lengths.

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