Haus M / Titus Bernhard Architects

© Jens Weber & Orla Conolly

Architects: Titus Bernhard Architekten BDA
Location: Grünwald,
Client: Private
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Jens Weber, Orla Conolly, München


The distinctive feature of the property lies in its north-facing slope, which has to be negotiated over two storeys to reach the almost flat garden level. This gives rise to the leitmotiv of a “house winding up the slope”, with a quarry-stone façade which is corresponding to the ultrathin Frames of the façade.

© Jens Weber & Orla Conolly

Despite its complex geometry, the house is organised in clearly perceivable zones, based initially on additive modules of 7.80 by 7.80 metres. Lighting plays a particularly important role. Lateral light from the south and west and overhead light in the north and east sections make systematic use of shadow and diffuse light.

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      These photos communicate plenty about the project, especially material qualities and spacial relationships. Not every architectural gesture can be reduced to a rectangle on a plan. If you have a better attitude, you can pull positive lessons from every project on this site, not just those which include plans.

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    sehr schönes projekt. erinnert mich ein wenig an die chilenische architektur, nicht nur wegen der formensprache, sondern unter anderem auch wegen der grillstelle. weiter so! wir brauchen frische architektur

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    Nice one!
    The rough facade in combination with the thin frames and the well chosen openings make this a really harmonic and beautiful piece of architecture.

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    The cantilevered upper story creating a covered patio is becoming a bit overdone, yet in general I enjoy this project and its quite beautiful.

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    this house is about juxtaposition; stone vs. glass. solid and void. the human experience is something we should we should all consider. architecture is about people in spaces, not about plans, sections and building details… (thank you for not sharing them)! we should all be able to experience a building based on the way it makes us feel. just short of visiting this the best we can experience is through photograghy and that’s as close as we can get (save video). i would like to see some process images though as i am curious as how you arrived at the building.

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