And the 2010 Pritzker goes to…

Cite: Basulto, David. "And the 2010 Pritzker goes to…" 26 Mar 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <>
  • Marjanne Pearson

    RT @chugooding: Cast a vote and check this on Sunday-And the 2010 Pritzker goes to… /via @archdaily

  • tommi

    since i got last two right, no doubt this time is Steven Holl.

  • carlos

    and the 2010 Pritzker goes to… ¡SANAA!

    they are my favourites of the list, but Ito and Holl are toughs opponents.

    pd. when will be the day when a Chilean architect wins the prize?

    • RD

      …when arevena wins it in 2018

      • David Basulto

        Aravena is on the Pritzker Jury since 2009

  • naes

    hey, um, you got libeskind on there twice. last i checked, he was one person. thx.

    • Lucas Gray

      He is on there twice because he needs double the chances to even think about winning. He would be the worst choice to win the prize since it’s creation. No offense, but his built work is horrible.

      • Ben

        Agreed, it would be impossible to thereafter pretend it means anything. Steven Holl for his writing, his thinking and his buidings. He is a poet.

  • Mark

    I thought Holl had already received the Pritzker? If he is on the ballot, it will be tough for anyone else considering his overwhelming body of work and his overall contribution to the profession over the past 2 decades. For the most part, great list of candidates.

  • Chiaro Scuro

    There is always one or two standouts. Ito or Holl have been producing top notch work in the last few years, especially Holl. Sanaa does fine work, but it doesn’t meet the caliber of Holl or Ito. Holl will probably edge out Ito.

  • leogar

    SH for teh WIN!!!~!~

  • nbc

    Im not sure why it matters to anyone but the person who wins? So my vote is for The Liber.

    Now, my sincere vote goes to Toyo Ito.

  • naes

    and….what about eisenman? hmm? HMMMM????

  • diego pinochet

    toyo ito or shigeru ban !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shyoon

    And the 2010 Pritzker goes to… (via @archdaily) I voted to Sejima. How about you?

  • RD

    eisenman? really? past his chance. holl this year, sanaa within the next 3. Diller and scofidio will have their chance soon enough (my favorites on this list actually). the idea of teams winning this rather than individuals is refreshing to me.

  • noway

    Libeskind winning the pritzker would be like Obama winning the noble peace prize.

    • Lucas Gray

      Is that really a good analogy? I might not believe Obama deserved the peace prize, and there were definitely more deserving candidates, but at least Obama was an important person on the world’s political stage. Libeskind’s work is the antithesis of important architecture. In fact, it’s importance is only in setting a great example of how not to design. His forms are ugly, they lack context, they don’t respond to culture, environment or history, the detailing and construction is usually shoddy, his material choices are horrible, his lighting is bland at best. It would be an embarrassment if he won.

  • Matt

    I just don’t know how Holl could be overlooked again. While I understand that people may have issues with the idiosyncratic nature of his work, he’s created a huge impact on architecture. His ideas about color, materiality, and space have been very influential. And he’s crafted some beautiful, outstanding buildings in the last ten years.

    Libeskind’s become a bit of a corporate architect, and I personally don’t think he’s deserving of a Pritzker. SANAA will have their chance, as will Toyo Ito. Shigeru Ban deserves it too. But it seems to me that Holl should get it this year.

  • Matt

    Eisenman’s built work is atrocious (with the possible exception of the memorial in Berlin, but that was designed with Richard Serra and is much more evocative of Serra’s work than Eisenman’s.) He in no way deserves the Pritzker.

  • David

    What’s with David Chipperfield?

  • Gabriel Silva Almarza

    Steven Holl`s works and ideas are amazing.. He should win the Pritzker.-

  • secret

    has to be between Steven holl or Sanaa!!

  • Le Chave

    Just wait some time (10 years) perhaps and my name will be there

  • St Barth

    I’d put my money on Toyo Ito.

    I think Holl is close and will be the next American to win, maybe next year in fact..but I have a feeling it’s time for the prize to make it’s occasion journey outside of the confines of Europe/North America.

  • Le

    There is no other option, steven holl.

  • MMA

    Seriously? No one for D+S+R?! Name the last socio-political/cultural critique Holl has done. He is great but he is simply a genetic mutation of Eisenman, based in formal fetish. The Pritzker is about deep ideological conventions being quesitoned and restated, D+S+R all the way.

    • Matt

      I don’t understand how you see Holl as a mutation of Eisenman. Holl looks at ideas of phenomenology and materiality in his work. He relentlessly experiments with light, surface, and the way that space interacts with the two. Eisenman had some quaint theories about difference ripped from French philosophy, but his buildings are nightmares of colliding arbitrary forms made of cheap stucco–no consideration given to light, to materiality, to the haptic experience of architecture.

      DSR has produced only a few buidings and, while conceptually interesting, none of them except the Blur Building has the experiential power of Holl’s work.

  • tu mismo

    who cares about a prize sponsored by a hotel chain?
    please guys, dont be so silly!

  • Melnikov

    Who’s better, Ben Van Berkel..

    or Delugan & Meissl…?

    Sanaa ? ah ah ah ! are so conservative/ unexpresive archs.

  • Igor Vasilevski

    What about Bjarke Ingels, BIG Architect ? :)

    • OV

      Nice joke. Would expect MVRDV to win before any other OMA spinoffs