La Finca Residence / A-cero

Architects: A-cero / Joaquin Torres
Location: La Finca, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain
Collaborator: Rafael Llamazares
Structural Engineers: Cear obras y construcciones sa
Project Area: 1,600 sqm
Project Year: 2007-2010
Photographs: Courtesy of

This new house is situated in an exclusive state called “La Finca” in Pozuelo de Alarcon (Madrid).

ground floor plan

It is one of the hundred houses that you can find already built in this exclusive housing development: an area with wide green spaces, lakes and spectaculars houses, which have been designed by A-cero.

The structure of this new house is made of clear volumes, straight lines and simples shapes. The house’s front is made of travertino and there are many windows in it. Both elements give a lot of lightness to the house.

It has a 1,600 sqm surface and three floors (basement, ground and high floor). The structure adapts itself to the slope (4,000 sqm) where the house is. The garage and service spaces are in the basement, while the most public spaces (lounge, dining room, living room …) are in the first floor. Bedrooms and more private rooms are in the high floor. A-cero has designed also a 80 sqm spectacular and geometric swimming pool. It harmonizes with the clean architecture of this A-cero project.

Cite: "La Finca Residence / A-cero" 17 Mar 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 26 May 2015. <>

    одним епитетом могу описать поток мыслей – охуено

    • azerus

      Сразу видно русского жлоба!

  • amr

    Sorry I hate excess.
    Including finely crafted bland excess.

    • htx75qr8

      And you would do what with the same Client? Build a memorial to your hatred?

      • blackstone

        I have to agree with amr- it is a rather lifeless exercise in very finely crafted, but ultimately banal extravagance. Many of the photographs suggest it’s a mausoleum rather than a private residence.

  • myaces2008

    I think it’s one of the greatest houses i’ve ever seen
    (aside? of Marcio Kogan). In my point of view a very, very good balance between cubic contents and design.
    Who has better/equal examples?

  • Małgorzata

    I don’t like it.It looks like a museum, not a house.
    Only photos taken by night are nice.

  • Arquipablo


    The photo of the long interior pool remimds me a scene from “the incredibles” movie

  • Jeison

    I have always admired A-Cero. However, I think they´ve been too ‘high’ on their projects lately. This house is a comeback to the style that made me like them though.

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  • RQH

    Someone missed the class on typology in arch. school. If no one told me it was a private residence I’d have no idea. Some parts look like an office building and others like a hotel.

    I don’t mind excess, luxury, or minimalism but I don’t like bad, and that’s what this is.

  • ominaeshi

    Yes, this house is huge. It is dramatically oversized and I can’t get the idea of living in a museum-sized house. This place doesn’t feel spacious. It feels empty- as if someone just moved out.

    However I find it beautiful- the design, the architecture- everything about it is beautiful, except the human scale. So if it was scaled down it would have been THE perfect house.

    • myaces2008

      If you want a small(er) house don’t look at A-Cero.

  • Kiko

    Seems like Cristiano Ronaldo`s style…

    • anavic

      If you think that come to the Mesi side LOL

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  • saymon

    human scale totaly left behind…

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  • Heeseh

    I LOVE THIS! I think this is one of my favorite contemporary houses ever.

  • Xander

    Lovin it! So many architects arguing about human scale….well we are living in the 21 century….we are living in big cities with skyscrpaers…human scale has become irrelevant…if u want human scale, go live in a log house in the forest…this house is megalomanic…so is the owner I guess….if it suits him than the goal is reached….it is sterile and minimalist….again…it is the wish of the owner…if you are preferring coziness it is your choice….

  • João

    Essa não é a casa do CR7?

  • jonathan

    this is cristiano ronaldos house..