Studio Gang Architects Reveals Design of Twisting San Francisco Skyscraper

  • 11 Jul 2014
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Last night Studio Gang Architects unveiled designs of their first ever building in San Francisco, a 400 foot tall residential tower with an undulating, twisting facade. Inspired by the bay windows of older local buildings such as 450 Sutter Street, Studio Gang have added a twist (literally) to the typology with incremental rotations of the 90-degree bays running vertically up the facade.

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Courtesy of Studio Gang Architects

“What I like about tall buildings (aesthetically) is what you do with the height, the incremental moves along the way,” Jeanne Gang told the San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s not just the extrusion of a single form from bottom to top.” The combined effect of these twists is an undulating facade which ripples its way up the structure.

The proposed height for the building is 400 foot, however zoning regulations currently limit the height of buildings in the area to a mere 300 foot. To gain approval, these zoning restrictions would have to be overturned by the city’s Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. Fortunately, the Citizen Advisory Commission already seem receptive to the idea, voting 7-1 in favour of continued study for both 300- and 400-foot versions of the design.

The exterior skin of the building will be completed in masonry tiles, however Gang added that the precise material is still being researched: “We want something light in color, whether it’s terra-cotta or something else. I’ve been coming through the Bay Area for years, and it’s so light and colorful. That’s the feel I wanted.”

If approved, the earliest possible date for the start of construction is pegged at 2016.

Story via the San Francisco Chronicle

Architects: Studio Gang Architects
Location: Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA, USA
Year: 2014
Photographs: Courtesy of Studio Gang Architects

Cite: Stott, Rory. "Studio Gang Architects Reveals Design of Twisting San Francisco Skyscraper" 11 Jul 2014. ArchDaily. Accessed 28 May 2015. <>
  • Q

    Nice Gehry design!

  • César

    Gehry´s son!!!

  • It is about the Money

    Calatrava and SOM already did a twisting tower.

  • bammeke abiodun john

    I am really interested in the building design. Please kindly keep me posted.

  • Chris A.

    Gehry knocked his tower designs from Gang’s Aqua tower, check your dates. Proving that copies can’t beat the original.

  • mays

    Really? Don’t we think this design is derivative in a “been there and done that” sorta way?

  • akgSF

    Yearns to be stepped up from lower right to a taller left. Stepping up with billowing green terraces?