Temporary Bar / Diogo Aguiar & Teresa Otto

Architects: Diogo Aguiar &
Location: Parque da Cidade, Porto,
Client: Associação de Estudantes da Faculdade de Arquitectura (AEFAUP)
Structure and other Specialties: Acústica F.E.S., Lda – Estruturas, Iluminação e Som, with the colaboration of students of AEFAUP.
Floor Area: 9 sqm
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Sandra Neto & Diogo Aguiar

Year after year, the students of Oporto School of Architecture are invited to think on a temporary bar to represent their institution with the expected dignity, as an outstanding architectural object. The given implantation, the fast construction and the low budget are some of the premises which must be considered.

plan & section

The proposed bar stands as an iconic cube of light, composed of modular parts. Taking advantage of the IKEA build-by-your-own world, the project is a parallelepiped made out of different depth storage boxes which give it the modular diversity on its textured skin. After winning the competition, some adjustments were done and the bar grew to 4,7 metre high, standing as a visual reference.

Built in one week with the help of students, it was completed one month after the jury announcement. A total of 420 boxes were first fixed on a wooden structure and then attached to the main metal structure, on site. A huge LED net was fixed behind the boxes, allowing the bar to dramatically change its appearance: by day a white abstract and closed volume; and by night a box of changing light following the DJ set.

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Cite: "Temporary Bar / Diogo Aguiar & Teresa Otto" 03 Mar 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 26 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=51379>
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  • http://uptodayarch.blogspot.com up_today_arch

    Wow!!!!! I like this kind of surface. In next time it will be printed on 3D printer in one to one scale… It is cool:)

  • http://www.pornlove.org PL

    Garbage made out of garbage…

  • ck

    I like…

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  • perelim

    what is the idea??just to have cool and fashion aesthetics? much better the old bar made of garbage bottles…

    • http://www.iisenkram.wordpress.com kristine

      The idea seems pretty obvious too me. Conceptualley: a cube with an irregular surface and pulsating light effects triggered by the music (what’s more fit for a bar concept than that?!), reusable materials, an easy and quick building sheme.
      It’s a reusable idea as well, for similar temorary projects. And frankly: ‘the old bar made of garbage bottles’….sounds a tiny bit less attractive to me….(Do you have a link to that project?) Unless you are against esthetics in general, of course.

      • architecture for people

        where do you see any reference about reusable materials? i dont think they are! This is a temporary bar wich will be used for less than one week wich mostly will be used to help people drinking a lot,party and having fun (temporay bar for Oporto students party), I think using garbage bottles is much more intelligent and pro-active approach for such kind of party!

        I agree with you, architecturally speaking it seems a interesting idea. but my concern is that it looks empty and superficial in meaning and concept! adopting IKEA ideas and making something cool just because the fashion rules of moment tells you to do it reflects much more a thinkingless atittude, like a “sheep in a flock” you do it but you dont know why. The old one has message, makes people think about, question the regular approaches in that party, explore different and particular approaches…

        but maybe you are right, maybe this one is more attractive and cool! whatever that is

        PS – i dont think the old project was underlined in a time of such mediatism to have a link

      • http://iisenkram.wordpress.com/ kristine

        no referendce; it’s reusable, just is…:-) (As in : you can re-use the boxes later, after the bar is taken down)

        If the main idea in this competition is to be environmentally enganged, I see where you come from. Is it? Or should everything we (architects) create at this point being evaluated through this filter primarily? It seems to me, in the way you argue, that the lack og pro-active approach is equal to lack of concept? I still haven’t seen the ‘old one’, but I’m really curious at this point :-)

        And just for the fun of it: I have never seen anything similar to this, so I guess the ‘sheep’ in my corner of the world are busy with other styles and trends.

        There’s already so much puritanism, seriousness and pretentious stuff going on, so the mere breeze of things like this; colourful, blinking and light headed, is a refreshing impulse.

    • E

      já estão todos a armar o cão!
      parabéns AE!

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  • Andrés

    Parabéns Diogo!!! Abraços do Brasil de seu amigo!

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  • Acuzio Xia

    i like the surface,simple&fantastic

  • Isabel Moreira

    É a concretização de uma ideia brilhante de tão “simples” e apurada que é!


  • Tiago

    To sad that IKEA refused the sponsorship for this project. Actually very low budget project…

    Congrats for the architects =P

  • http://www.outrosmercadus.pt Outros Mercadus

    Parabéns por mais um prémio atribuído a este fantástico trabalho!

  • Carla Almeida

    Hello I’m journalist in the portuguese magazine Elite and I would like to ask you more information about this awards. I will need also high resolution images from this building. Thanks,

  • mike

    your idea is quite remarkable, but you could have used much cheaper and bar space defining materials that can be reused again. A little glimpse of art work on the facade would add a tremendous visual effect together with the lighting. overall the creativity is cool!!!

  • http://www.coatesdesign.com Seattle Architects

    Wow. That is a really amazing project. This would be wonderful for temporary structures at fairs and sporting events.

  • hamed hasan abi


  • paniz pakshir

    realy amazing idea well done