Casa sul Sile / mzc archittetura

Architects: mzc architettura
Location: Treviso,
Project Team: Mario Marchetti, Fabio Zampiero, Giuseppe Cangialosi
Collaborators: Massimo Moretto, Samuela Masier
Structural engineer:
 Studio Berizzi Crozzolin
Site area: 2,394 sqm
Building area: 1,372 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Francesco Castagna

The building is located near the Sile river just out of the historical walls of Treviso, Veneto region (Italy).

It is like an historical Villa inside its garden: the white color is the way to make a good contrast with the gardens around.

ground floor plan

A big and long white volume with black parts going outside and grey parts sunken inside.

This townhouse is composed by 9 apartments on three different levels.

The architecture is clearly rationalist and wants to make a dialogue with the ‘900 italian architecture.

From every apartment and from the common parts you ever see the riverside giving the feeling to be part of this land.

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    i would not be that hard :))

    above all, i don’t like colours, steriler then a hospital

    i appreciate the cure for details

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    cara ambra, il tuo commento è volgare non certo per l’innocua parolaccia ma perche non sei stata in grado di spiegare perche non valeva la pena pubblicarlo.
    waiting for something clever than two words..

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    Has this building just been built ? If it’s the case, Italy is so far behind, I mean it’s a third league building from the 60′s for the planning. It almost makes me angry to see such a low level of curiosity, spirit of challenge for contemporary themes. And such a low virtuosity.

    What is the point of doing this Y-form volume ? Does it produce a quality ?
    What are the main qualities of this building ?
    Why O why, this so poor language of the modern, nowadays, why?

    And an architect has to cure for details. It’s natural. It’s not an architectural quality to have a slickly finished building. It’s a duty.

    It’s true, Ambra has been quite hard…But I totally agree with her somehow.

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    The y form was determined by the land parcel shape. It isn’t a bad idea, though the resulted shaded niche in the last picture isn’t something to be very proud of. I like that every apartment is unique and well designed. Good answer for suburban medium density housing.

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    In my opinnion it’s sometimes good to see example of good architecture not from the top, but which is more typical to what we have in our cities. 90% of architecture built today is not innovative or even attractive. I see in those pictures economic reasons, but also thinking about – how we can do it with style. Architects care about detail.

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    Yeah, not all architecture is 2000 sqm hollywood villas or absurd effimeral typologic nipponic experiments

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    Being an architect in northern italy, this a remarkable building. Exactly like ktanleysubrick and totot said, not every building has to be a “masterpiece” or a super flashy candy ( like many projects seen on archdaily ).
    If all buildings were like this, we would then live in a much better world.

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    A sterile piece of architecture. Humbleness is so elegant sometimes : here it is not at all.

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