City Hall / Frédéric Haesevoets

Frédéric Haesevoets, a Beligan architect, recently won a competition for his design of a new for Herstal.    The international competition asked participants to design a new to accommodate office spaces for central administration, archives and mixed use areas.   The project is divided into two major forms that bookend a public open courtyard.  Connected by a bright red bridge, the two arms house the major program areas and open to a landscaped area for the public to enjoy.   The geometric form offers a break from the surrounding structures, emphasizing the importance of this communal structure.   The faceted facade fuses the natural and the synthetic as sections of greenery are scattered among sections of glass.  Inside, bright warm colors greet workers, a drastic change from the typical office color palette.

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Surface :  9.500,00 m2
Site :  Herstal – Belgique

International compétition – Winner – 2009-2013

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "City Hall / Frédéric Haesevoets" 20 Feb 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 17 Sep 2014. <>


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    I like the inside much more than the exterior – the street facade is grotesque to say the least. Seems like mere form-making for the purpose of having something look different to the rest of the context and in the end is a bit contrived. The spatial quality of the auditorium/lecture hall seems interesting, however Im not sure how well it will perform acoustically.

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    the 90′s??! well u probably born in the 90′s to have such a clever analysis.
    Two words; beautiful and effective. congrats…

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      well we all understood u don’t like the project but do not try to discredit other people’s positive opinions. plus why talking bout the context when no master plan is published. u’d have prefered bricks and chimneys.”wrong again”..dio onnipotente xD.

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        here’s the context:

        I wasn’t trying to discredit other peoples’ positive opinions. I was just interested as to why people get it in the neck for not liking something – because they don’t provide sufficient explanation, but apparently its fine to be positive about a project and just say ‘nice’. I know people have different views about all buildings, I just find it funny how anyone who dislikes something gets jumped on, but everyone is allowed to say stuff like “cool”, “amazing”, etc without ever worrying about having to substantiate why they think that.

        have a good evening anyway.

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    I’d also be intrigued to see how those ‘living’ diagrids work out. Pardise Park, London – seen how that fared after less than a year?

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    I’m belgian and i know almost every quality office from here, but i never heard about this “office”. I dont like it that arch daily doesn’t search for quality projects, instead they publish projects that are send by architects who want to show off there own projects. Belgium has much much nicer projects to offer than this one.


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      I’m pretty amazed to read that some belgian guy knows every single quality office. I’m pretty glad for you but perhaps you just have a huge ego…
      Please send me the exhaustive list of the quality office you know… Like that I won’t need to look into the work of the other architects every day.

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      Hello Eric!
      You seem to know a lot about the belgian offices. I just moved to Belgium and I´m searching for quality architectural offices with good skills in urban planning. Maybe you could recomend me some. I´d be very happy.

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    nice…I like it! curious to see it once built.
    people who criticize should find better arguments…pls!xD

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      Howard – what’s not good enough about the comments in that it is a contextual, willfully form-making, has a potentially ill-considered auditorium as far as acoustics are concerned and the facade strategy needs some careful consideration in light of recent high profile failures of green walls?

      Why is your “nice” a valid comment?

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        God , Take A Chill Pill! And stop digressing; was saying archdaily requested architects and projets. x

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    no pompous comment here, like this interesting architectural object. ambitious for that city

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