Media-TIC / Enric Ruiz Geli

© Iwan Baan

The 22@ is an experimental district in Barcelona, Spain, with a mayor energetic load (District Climate), where the new values of the companies are intangible: they are not based in having natural resources of water, soil, gas, they don’t have real-estate values, retransmission rights (media Pro), they have patents (Indra), they have intelligence, programming and interaction (like the Reactable of Sergi Jorda from the Pompeu), a district, the way Artur Serra from I2CAT and the people form the 22@ say, an urban Lab.

Is here where Spanish architect Enric Ruiz Geli designed this innovative building with a net-like structure, avoiding pillars on the ground floor, introducing the public spaces to the building.

Check the photos Iwan Baan took for Abitare and some drawings after the break.

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    I think in terms of design it is quite admirable. But in terms of a building which main purpose is to be a working/living place for people, I believe it is far too cold, has no scale and proportion that relates back to humans. It’s appearance is sterile like a lab or hospital. An atrium for some natural light would be great – some connections to the exterior for the poor people in the centre of the floor.
    It is merely another tribute to high tech a la Centre Pompidou, although not quite getting there.
    Furthermore, the design has not much to do with the original competition model apart from the cubic form.

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    so hideous that facade. i would be fine with someone copying t the pompidou center, but this doesn’t even achieve the flawless free plan of the Pompidou. I do like those columns though expressing the pin connection. Nice spaces too. no law against ugly

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