25 Instagram Feeds to Follow Now (Part II)

Last June, we published our first list of must-see Instagram feeds to follow, but we knew it was only the tip of the iceberg. Once again we’ve scoured the web (and followed your excellent suggestions) to track down the 25 Instagrammers who will be sure to inspire – including dare-devil adventurer raskalov, up-and-coming architecture photographer nicanorgarciaand our very own editor-in-chief.

See the 25 awesome architecture instagrammers, after the break…

1. raskalov

© user raskalov

2. nicanorgarcia

© Instagram user nicanorgarcia

3. wejude

© Instagram user wejude

4. irini_ioto

© Instagram user irini_ioto

5. chicagomatt

© Instagram user chicagomatt

6. xiazhi_photographer

© Instagram user xiazhi_photographer

7. dbasulto

© Instagram user dbasulto

8. _ingo_1

© Instagram user _ingo_1

9. monjiro9

© Instagram user monjiro9

10. frederikliisberg

© Instagram user frederikliisberg

11. _lynettejackson

© Instagram user _lynettejackson

12. resonate

© Instagram user resonate

13. anoukvandesande

© Instagram user anoukvandesande

14. lcorb

© Instagram user lcorb

15. orsonberlin

© Instagram user orsonberlin

16. philipkhoury

© Instagram user philipkhoury

17. timokarasalo

© Instagram user timokarasalo

18. oriolvm

© Instagram user oriolvm

19. dimitaryankov

© Instagram user dimitaryankov

20. lookupclub

© Instagram user etna_11

21. _di_ma

© Instagram user _di_ma

22. sergezambra

© Instagram user sergezambra

23. adurnwirth

© Instagram user adurnwirth

24. harayu_

© Instagram user harayu_

25. le_blanc

© Instagram user le_blanc

Missed Part 1? Find it here. Have suggestions for our next list? Let us know in the comments!

Cite: Quintal, Becky. "25 Instagram Feeds to Follow Now (Part II)" 21 Mar 2014. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=488331>
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    Thank you ArchDaily for including me on this fantastic list! I’m happy to see your continuing initiative to connect architects with the vibrant community of architectural photographers on Instagram. Here are several more users that I would like to suggest for future lists: @steveyegelwel, @anasbarros, @M_awwad, @freepy, @macenzo, @jacqall, @ximoteo, @fab_d, @arkiromantix, @jenae28, @valdivia2010, @mark_as_seen, @kerkouarn, @macokiwi, @otije, @poeticwordvomit, @peterchanur and @loverofbuildings. A few I mentioned before: @surfistatomato, @ts__1, @80_degrees, @omniamundamundis. Thanks again and enjoy :)

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