UAX Bernartice / Kamil Mrva Architects

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Architects: Kamil Mrva Architects
Location: Bernartice nad Odrou 131, Czech Republic
Client: uax®
Project Team: Kamil Mrva, Bohuslav Kunat, Jaroslav Holub, Martin Jeřábek
Main contractors: Fykony s.r.o., Alfest Lučina, Elektro Holub
Project Year: 2005
Construction Year: 2006–2007
Built-up space of the extension : 78 sqm
Photographs: Studio Toast

The UAX company is engaged in the production and sale of casual clothing. Its headquarters are located on the premises of a former farm dating from the 1980s, and originally served as an administrative building. The client’s wish was to extend the building and give it a new coat.

original building
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The building’s original layout was preserved. Only its main entrance was moved, which is now located in the new extension. The extension and the original structure are unified into a single whole with the help of façade made of wooden lamellas. The structural modifications were designed with a view to the building’s surroundings; the extension respects the line of the street and the resulting structure creates an interesting contrast with the adjacent chapel.

ground floor plan
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The extension was realized as a wooden structure. The wooden lamella façade is made of ordinary unplaned and otherwise unfinished laths from a nearby sawmill.

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    Hi Guys,

    Nice lifting!

    What is on the floor in t-shirt room, need something like that to ones of my projects.


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    I wish they would have developed the wood facade more. their elevation shows the clean lines of the wood but in reality there are the panel joints because your limited to 8-12 foot board lengths. seems like they could have done something to celebrate these joints. perhaps creating some depth by pulling some panels forwards and pushing others back.

    the floor in the t-shirt room is an concrete stain designed for garages. it has good spill resistence. the only problem with it is that over time it can show wear and discolor and patch’s become blantantly apparent. it’s usually best to repaint the entire floor every few years.

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    Facade as a cloak…for a clothing manufacturer. Surprisingly, this concept is not off-putting for me — it’s literal, honest, and slightly trite but very well executed. It would be hard to argue that the end product isn’t a drastic improvement from the initial aeshetic!

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