Le Temps des Environment / Nicolas Dorval Bory Architect

Nicolas Dorval Bory Architect designed an extension artist residency for the International Art & Landscape Center on the island of Vassivière.  Situated in the middle of an artificial hydro-electric lake, the project explores the concept of  ”de-spatialization” and “blurred architecture” by breaking the building components down into fragments, lines and dots.  The building gradually begins to dissolve allowing “its temporal dimension to be experienced as its geometrical dimensions disappear into architecture and landscape.”   The team studied time progression to invent a new kind of space and organization based on their conceptual ideas.

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Thesis project (with Emilie Faline) – «magna cum laude» honors («mention très bien»)
artist residency + extension of the International Art & Landscape Center of Vassivière

committee :
Martine Bouchier, Pierre Bourlier, Philippe Rahm, Chiara Parisi, Elizabeth Mortamais

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Le Temps des Environment / Nicolas Dorval Bory Architect" 26 Jan 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=47457>
  • http://www.modern-zen.com Modern Zen Architecture

    This is where art crosses the line with architecture, and vice versa. Anxiously awaiting project completion…

  • Ja’DaDa

    Cool concept!!!

  • jumbleh

    i don t think it will wonderful when have been builded

  • pastorilli

    Isn´t architecture also a part of art? I understand what you mean… why so many useless stuff just to make it look nice? but I believe that architecture and art should be on the same line… but still this one is not a good example since architecture is much more than making things look pretty

  • New South

    If you look at the website you will see that the rods are functional, which makes it relevant for architecture since architecture is essentially functional, occupiable, usable, art. Also many architects have looked at dithering the edge of the building with its natural surroundings. This one responds to its environment and makes habitation and structured design a living reaction to its natural setting. And that natural setting is an artificial pond, the rods are an expression of that artificial landscape.

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