New Wave Architecture Designs Rock Gym for Polur

© New Wave Architecture

In response to the climbing potential of , , New Wave Architecture has designed a new rock climbing hall within the rocky lands of Mazandaran. Overlooking the country’s highest peak, the “fragmented mass” invites nature and landscape to “visually creep into the building” to offer daylight and establish a strong connection between climbers and the surrounding landscape.

© New Wave Architecture

Within the “boulder-like walls,” which were inspired by the geological process of the large-scale movements of the earth‘s crust and its tectonic forces, programs include a dynamic climbing hall, temporary accommodation zone, fitness gym and maintenance areas.

© New Wave Architecture

The exterior is clad in white fiber cement panels, which simultaneously allows the building to blend into its snowy context while offering climbers outdoor routes. Steel moment resisting frames are used as the main structural system; while tubular trusses transmit the floor loads to vertical elements due to project long spans.

© New Wave Architecture

Architects: New Wave Architecture
Architect In Charge: Lida Almassian, Shahin Heidari
Design Team: Maryam Amanpour, Zahra Hamedani, Tina Yavarian, Atieh Ameri, Saeid Fahimpour, Mona Ramzi, Fateme Dehghani, Shadi Jelvi, Sara Farahani, Mohammad Keshavarzi, Marjan Najafizadegan, Helaleh Alaei
Client: Development and Maintenance of Sports Facilities
Area: 4500.0 sqm
Photographs: New Wave Architecture

Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "New Wave Architecture Designs Rock Gym for Polur" 26 Jan 2014. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <>
  • C

    Nobody is going to climb on the outside as they are really uninteresting angles for climbers… Could have been much more this project

  • jprati

    I think this is great idea/design for this program–it manages to walk a delicate line by abstracting natural objects (rocks) without being cheesy or caricatured. I really couldn’t care less if people are going to climb the exterior, though I imagine you could make it interesting given the spacing of footholds.

    • Heywood Floyd

      So to summarize, you don’t care whether one of the programmatic elements described by the architects is functional or not, you are happy with it looking cool? Send your resume to Zaha or Gehry right away, given the current state of the profession I am sure we will all be working for you someday.

  • Subgenius

    Distortion for the sake of distortion is quickly becoming a blight upon the practice of architecture. While i appreciate the challenge to common perceptions of form and structure i am somewhat bored by the unimaginative mimicry of the surrounding environment. It all seems rather excessive and self-involved. The success of the climbing space sees diminished by the arrogance of overall form. A man-made ravine tantamount to the fake-rock scenery found at Sea World is not made more impressive by exaggerating its scale and inefficiency.

    • j


  • Zaid

    An interesting concept. Looks like it will at least draw people in with curiosity

  • Pari

    I am planning a trip to Iran from May to July, and I would love to climb in that gym! any ideas when it’s going to be fully built?

  • kate

    As a climber and an architect…I am totally drooling! In comparison to every climbing gym I’ve seen, this would be the Taj Mahal of climbing gyms. The form is rather contrived and obvious, yet from looking at the renderings it seems like it gives great functionality to the interior. It would lend a lot of diversity to the types of climbs that are possible rather than the typical straight vertical lines that you see in most gyms. As for the outside… nobody goes to a climbing gym to climb outside.