Suurupi House extension / Arhitektid Muru & Pere

© Tarvo Varres

Architects: Arhitektid Muru&Pere
Location: Suurupi village,
Project Team: Urmas Muru, Peeter Pere, Anna -Maria Erik
Interior Design: Kaido Kivi
Site Area: 1,264 sqm
Project Area: 320 sqm
Project Year: 2006-2009
Photographs: Tarvo Varres

Bit by bit have extra rooms been added to the one-storey private house, designed in 1998 and built in 1999. In the first phase the house was a simple wooden “matchbox” which had to satisfy the humble needs of a young family with children, one of which being a sustainable building.


The family grew, the children got older and the living space had to be enlarged; firstly the terrace was added as an extension of the living room, then after a couple of years the need to store things rose and an economy room had to be built, and again after a few years the thought of increasing comfort came up and the outside pool was added, and then, during 2008-9, also another floor with sauna and relaxing room.

© Tarvo Varres

The modest “matchbox” has been made bigger in time, the drawer was stretched out further and further until it came out of the box and could be placed, crosswise, on top as a first floor and could be covered with tangled matches.

© Tarvo Varres

That is how the first floor looks: a box covered with crisscrossed sticks which resembles an angular bird’s nest, a ball of hay that is pressed together, a tangle of boards, all of which glows in the dark.

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  • Doug

    Campana Brothers Favela Chair reincarnated as a house. Very nice night photos.

  • bill

    Oatmeal Bar?

  • FG

    What I find interesting is that this is essentially a modernist box with a trendy, contemporary surface treatment. It could be something from the 50′s or 60′s with it’s massing and fenestration patterns.

  • cad

    Getting ready for the next hurricane

    • james

      you wouldn’t want to be nearby when this gets blown apart

      • Peter

        Nothing to worry about. no hurricanes in that part of the world :)

  • erik

    looks a bit silly, no?

  • kolohe

    potato sticks.

  • Matt

    Am I the only one who likes it? It seems like a novel use of the old “wood slat” idea that’s en in so much residential architecture now. I’m assuming that they just gave the installers a bunch of 1″x2″‘s, a bucketful of screws, and said “go to town.” The result seems very interesting.

  • Benito

    There is a very interesting recent development called ‘aggregate structures’ which relies on the combined strength of many lengths of wood which alone arent very strong but together are exceptionally strong to act as structure.

    This takes the aesthetic of these aggregate structures uses it to wallpaper the outside of the house, without employing any of the structural principles behind it.


  • archi

    Why not?

  • Benito

    Why not make it out of jelly?

  • arkitekt

    lot of mediocre stuff on archdaily these days.

  • Barry Hill

    I hope they let the timbers weather to a grey so it looks like it sits more naturally within its context. Looks great at night

  • jjjjjj

    wonder what the fire rating is?

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  • Nicholas Patten

    I'd Live Here: Suurupi House extension.

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  • Richie

    I like the massing but that timber latticing has an unfortunate resemblance to chipboard or some other cheap particle boarding.

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  • eb

    Hideous, who would pay money for this?

  • thompouce

    potato sticks, definitely;
    or more poetic: bird’s nest, but I dont see the interest

  • archi

    I like the way it takes an ordinary material and uses it in an extraordinary way.

  • wangsk

    i think birds love this house….just wonder…how to clean those cladding?

  • andyg

    A little influence of the Brazilian Campana brothers…!

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  • Chemo

    I think this is fantastic and quite original. If the idea was to evoke surprise and ,shake-up ones traditional orientations, then I must say it was well accomplished.

  • Anatoly Hilyuta

    Picturesque geometrical structure…and what about troubles in maintanence?…up to now, more than three years after?