OMA wins first competition for Chu Hai College Campus in Hong Kong


OMA in association with Leigh & Orange Architects have won the international competition for a 28,000m2 campus for the Chu Hai College of Higher Education in .

The project consists on two 8-stories tall parallel volumes with a rich public space in between, housing three faculties (arts, science and engineering, business), with 10 departments and 2 research centers.

What I like about this project is how OMA incorporated the multidisciplinary focus of this college, trough a rich public space between these two volumes, a topography with library, cafeteria, gym and lecture theaters, which given its ramps, steps and shaded platforms, generate several different spaces for socializing, meeting, studying, etc. So, students from this 3 faculties will flow into this central public space, mixing together.

This project is led by Rem Koolhaas, General Manager of OMA Asia (Hong Kong) David Gianotten and associate Chris van Duijn.

More images after the break:

Cite: Basulto, David. "OMA wins first competition for Chu Hai College Campus in Hong Kong" 15 Jan 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <>
  • Chas

    this plaze feels very cold and very inhuman to me. it needs trees. it need shade. it needs place. it needs warmth.
    can’t really tell enough about the buildings to comment on those.

    • Second Rate

      I think it looks inhumane because all the people in the model don’t seem to be interacting at all. Plus it could use some more beige.

  • mh2

    welcome to OMA….

  • parttimescrutinizer

    it seems to me to be the best oma work i’ve seen in a while. At least more tightly conceived then some of their work in China seen in dubious renders of late. I like the creation of “places” as well. They are open and fun and it seems to have a nice integrating idea behind it expressed in the facades with viible stairs that contain the space. Saying that it really isn’t enough from the images to judge. You are indeed welcome, OMA!

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  • Saphiro

    OMA = Le Corbusier, today

    Cool complexity but is necesary to study

    the project before to talk here…

  • Ximo

    The circular windows in the last picture are unharmonious and weird. But the transparent facades of the two side parts lead to visual availibility for each other and to their intermediate space.