Jeju Provincial Art Museum / Gansam Architects & Associates

© Gansam Partners Architects & Associates

Architect: Gansam Architects & Associates
Location: Jeju-Do, Jeju-Si, Yon-Dong 680-7,
Project Architect: Taijip Kim
Design team: Kiyoung Han, Cheonhang Kim, Mi jung Kim, Chang Bae Yoon, Jeong Hoon Sir, Sung Beom Park, Sun A Park, Sang Kyu Jeon, Sun Min Lee, Jin A Yoo, Su Jeong Ko
Client: Jeju Province
Site Area: 39,759 sqm
Gross Floor Area: 7,082 sqm
Building Area: 4,326 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Gansam Partners Architects & Associates

The natural beauty of Jeju Island serves as a backdrop for the artistic cultural experience of this museum. Situated within the Halla Mountains, the design accentuates the surrounding natural environment through material selection and carefully designed views to the exterior.

The museum plan is designed as a circulation loop, creating exterior and interior exhibition space. The program of the museum is planned for research, conservation, exhibition, education, and exhibition.

plan 01

The geometry is based off of the simplistic module of the cube, replicating this form within and out to frame both art and the natural beauty surrounding the museum. The simple, rational form is sensitive to both light and environment surrounding it.

© Gansam Partners Architects & Associates

The materials reflect the local environment, Jeju stone blend in with the exposed , blurring the boundary between manmade and natural. A pool at the entrance of the building reflects day light into the building.

The colonnade on the north and west façade frames the sky and transitions between interior and exterior. This entry plaza opens to a cultural plaza which serves as a year round outdoor exhibition and performance space. Inspired by the volcanic Halla mountains, the rear walkway of the museum culminates in a circular amphitheater serving as a community performance space.

© Gansam Partners Architects & Associates

Framed views and the capture of light drives the design and helps set the mood for this museum.

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  • anomer0326

    What a surprise! Android tadao come to Korea? Nice concrete
    move but too much tadao odor. Bad? Not sure but just makes me curious and ask why?

  • Modern Zen Architecture

    I like the idea of the sun reflecting off the water and into the structure. Everyone strives to see the sunset, but a beautiful sun up can be just as magical, and a prelude into a an unsuspectingly gorgeous day!

  • wartian

    It is not a shameless to possess tadaoism aesthetic, but personally I think G.Lab* learns with open mind and produces an-almost-close-to-be masterpiece!

  • Diefenbagen

    It´s beautiful, period.
    Should i use concrete then i´m tadaoish, should i squeeze the volumes then i´m zahaish, i can carry on all day……..
    GET THE $#% OVER!!!! learn to apreciate architecture, learn to be constructive with your comments, stop being jealous at other peopple´s work. Why don´t you show us your work, maybe you are the new paradigm of architecture, oh yes thats right you have not design even a dogs house, i imagined that…

  • zaza

    Actually this looks more Yoshio Taniguchi than Ando. Check Toyota Municipal Museum of Art (1995) out. The similarity is a bit disturbing to me.

  • firelemon

    i like the public gathering space in the middle, surrounded by the building, but opened and inviting.

  • Dariusz

    quite brilliant, beautiful strong. Lovely railing detail and great use of concrete!

  • Chas

    I really love this. it has a very simple elligence and purity to it.

  • anomer0326

    I was just becane curious after seeing how easily G Lab could maneuver from zaha like wavy architecture to Tadao like ascetic mimimalism. Those are too different philosophies guys. I just wonder what is really they are going after? what they really believe in their works? Do they care what they are expressing? Cool is only cool? that’s what they are doing? Just curious. what is architecture for them? picking up trends?

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