Lucinahaven Toulov Childcare / CEBRA


Architects: CEBRA
Location: Taulov,
Client: The municipality of Fredericia
Project Area: 1,200 sqm
Project Year: 2007-2009
Photographs: CEBRA & Per Lauridsen

site plan
© Per Lauridsen

The kindergarten is divided into 6 small sections each with its own graphic theme. These sections form a geometric hexagonal system, which together form a daisy. The yellow centre of the daisy is the kindergarten’s central activity room. Attached to the centre are the petals housing the staff rooms and 6 group rooms – 2 in each hexagon.

Cite: "Lucinahaven Toulov Childcare / CEBRA" 12 Jan 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <>
  • Bianchini

    Nice concept and sketchs.
    Good use of colors for different spaces, kids will have different perceptions as time goes by.
    Great project!

  • ms

    nice project, and great graphic, but that roof picture looks scary… like a cheap shopping mall. And also for me it’s very clear where is the main space of the building only while looking to the plan. From outside its just another hexagonal, but not the main area at all. all other parts looks nice.

    • INawe

      agreed about the roof. some colorful screens or boxes to block the vents and protrusions would have been nicer.

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  • jfco.

    these children will grow up happy and healthy…my kinder garten wasnt so nice, and i grew up frustrated and insane…kidding nice project.

  • Modern Zen Architecture

    Excellent work. Design, color, and thoughtful planning. Imagine yourself as a kindergartener. Wouldn’t this place attract you? Sure it would. However, I do see a problem with the roof. It needs to be elevated, maybe heated or something. I can already imagine the snow, piling up. How about a heated roof with a water reclamation system, used to sustain a garden?

  • Jan

    Nice building, but what about this “automatical” radial orientation of each children’s playroom units? It looks, that 50% of these units haven’t enough solar insolation.

  • themigz

    can anyone tell me the material for the exterior? thanks.. would like to use the same concept for my thesis