Calatrava’s “Sharq Crossing” Planned for Doha Skyline

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Located in Doha, Sharq Crossing is a set of three interconnected bridges spanning almost ten kilometres in the Doha Bay. Designed by the famed architect Santiago Calatrava, the bridge will connect the city’s cultural district in the north to Hamad International Airport and the central business district in West Bay. The bridges, which are designed to accomodate as many as 2,000 vehicles an hour per lane, are also flanked by a series of subsea tunnels to manage and direct the flow of traffic across the bay.

“Sharq Crossing is an engineering masterpiece of design,” said Ashghal president H.E Eng. Nasser Bin Ali Al-Mawlawi. “And while providing an important new artery to Doha’s existing road network, it will be instantly recognisable across the world and will be an emblem for Qatar.”

Courtesy of Santiago Calatrava

But the project is designed to accommodate more than just vehicle traffic. The double-decked West Bay Bridge also incorporates a recreational park that can be accessed by an elevated walkway. It will include a public recreational park as well as hospitality facilities that connect to the central business district and offer magnificent views of the city.

While the bridge is designed to accomodate the traffic of the rapidly expanding city, it is also one of the many complex projects (such as Zaha Hadid’s controversial stadium) the city is undertaking for the World Cup in 2022.

Courtesy of Santiago Calatrava
Courtesy of Santiago Calatrava

“Architecture for public works humanizes the natural landscape and serves the community,” explained Calatrava. “The Sharq Crossing project for Doha is a great opportunity to develop an exceptional and grand piece of public work.”

Courtesy of Santiago Calatrava
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