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  • 28 Dec 2013
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© Youngchae Park

Architects: Hyunjoon Yoo Architects
Location: 5 Nokbeon-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, , South Korea
Design Team: HyunjoonYoo, Jinsung Huh, Insil Son, Jaehong Mik, Moonchul Choi, Sunkeun Hwang, Seungho Ham, Hyuntak Cho
Area: 600.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Youngchae Park, Jihye Choi

© Youngchae Park

From the architect. Ceiling

The design of SCL is mainly focused on the creation of the “space of inspiration”. In order to create such space, the existing low ceiling was replaced by the high ceiling which was finished with the sound-absorbing sponges that would control the temperature of the exposed roof according to the season. By doing so, the inside space is completely soundproofed which fulfills the audible environment of SCL due to various ongoing debates.

© Jihye Choi


The plan was optimized for the inner courtyard, maximizing the view of the Bukhansan Mountain in the distance. The original plan had the circulating structure around the inner courtyard. By respecting this structure, the open axis from the Bukhansan Mountain that passes through the SCL is introduced in order to avoid the enclosed atmosphere. People would communicate with the open nature on the two balconies formed by this axis.

© Jihye Choi


Every space has the horizontal plane. However, this library will be composed with the stepped ramp which people can use it as their private spaces where they make themselves comfortable while reading the books. Also, this stepped seat can be served as a performance space, in any occasion.

© Youngchae Park

Base camp

The base camp needed to be an independent mass for the security reasons. For this, the base camp is designed as if it is a wooden box shaped house which has a separate ceiling. The fenestration enhances the privacy of this place, yet the windows on the walls and the roof make this space light and airy at the same time. The desks of this area are finished with curvy edges which make people feeling comfortable by embracing them when they are seated.

© Jihye Choi

Multipurpose Hall

The most critical spatial requirement of SCL is “alteration”. The spatial alteration is especially required for such space where the events of various scale are taking place. However, in order to make this alteration happen readily, we have used curtains as the working device. The curtains of different fabric on each side are hung from the ceiling and they enable a “flexible space-making” in the rectangular space. Through this device, the users are able to form their spaces, according to their preferred shapes and sizes.

© Youngchae Park


The spatial alteration due to the multipurpose program not only occurs on the walls, but also occurs in the small furniture. The desk is designed as a “puzzle” consisting of triangles and rectangles. Those shapes continuously transform in order to fulfill the purpose of space by being detached and merged alternately. Therefore in this space, the users are being inspired for the creative performance by the original furniture arrangement.

© Youngchae Park


The creative thinking is often emerged from the relaxed atmosphere, which recalls home. The kitchen was then considered for the office space evoking home. The Seoul Creative Lab will eventually have a home-like atmosphere with the kitchen that allows a “relaxing social gathering”.

Floor Plan

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