Swedbank office / Audrius Ambrasas Architects

Architects: Audrius Ambrasas Architects
Location: Konstitucijos Ave. 20, Vilnius,
Design team: Audrius Ambrasas, Vilma Adomonytė, Tomas Eidukevičius, Donatas Malinauskas
Client: UAB “Swedbank valda”
Construction: Idea Constructiva
Engineering: COWI Baltic
Project manager: Saulius Mikaliūnas
Total area (above-ground): 23,000 sqm
Total area (underground): 19,000 sqm
Project Year: 2007-2009
Photographs: Courtesy of

The site for the Banks building was treated as an integral part of the newly formed center on the right riverbank of Neris, which is being developed on the axis of the old Ukmerges street. At that point meet the Konstitucijos Avenue and the pedestrian street. As a result, this pedestrian street becomes the main axis of the buildings composition, which consists of three main parts.

master plan

Firstly, the base of the building emphasizes the line of the street. Secondly, the two towers of 16 and 14 storeys, and thirdly, the horizontal 4-storey part are placed on it. While the essential client service is concentrated on the ground floor, the auditorium and the cafe are placed on the -1st floor. Great views to Neris riverbank will be open from it. The ground floor, the flowing space of the cafe and the pedestrian street are planned as a public urban space. Separated functional zones are laid out in that space. The roof of the base is treated as a part of the landscape, so greenery and recreation zones are placed on it.

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  • Gintas Reisgys

    been watching this for a few years and will be nice to see it completed when visting Vilnius in a few weeks

  • Ieva

    Nice to see this amazing work in archdaily. It’s really worth it. Congrats!

  • Dainius

    Geras darbas!

  • http://jdmdesign.wordpress.com/ ygogolak

    very nice project

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  • anykstenas

    actualy would be nice to hear some serious comments on this, cause i think this actually is the first post from lithuania, me personally its the first project that complexity and quality after independence.

    • teo

      This of course is a complex masterpiece which cannot be commented on a blog. It deserves a little bit more attention. What we can comment on is the design, and the design is beautiful in it’s entirety. The connection to surrounding, the axis to the street and the power of the materials are spot on. This building does not shout out “look at me” because of the flashy exterior, as it is the case of most iconic stand-alone contemporary buildings, it oozes confidence and good taste. Architecture, design and urban planning shock hands on this one and the results are fantastic.

      • Cabman

        Great work. Exciting commercial architecture.
        Refined, great pallete and choice of materials.

  • Hang

    I must say I love it when I just saw the small title picture! However I am wondering that will the roof garden be well used or not? Because it is just a big open space even no chairs and shelters. Or it is just a place for viewing?

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  • Joseph

    If this the best in Lithuania… Than I have to say sorry for you guys :)

    • Polina C-M

      Well, my comment to Mr. Arrogant aka “Joseph” here… This is indeed one of the best buildings in Vilnius. Magnificent. Very well made. Superb quality materials, beautiful detail. And please, don’t be sorry for us. To appreciate a piece of fine architecture knowing a context is a must. Read comments, visit the site and than give your judgement based on design and not nationality.

  • anykstenas

    well i meant size+quality

  • RGoldschmidt

    Bravo Audrius Ambrasas Architects, and I’m spechless!

  • Saulinho

    Well,I agree with “Anykstenas”, because knowing the Lithuanian materials and financial possibilities, it’s no doubt, that this project is a best shot after independence. Lithuania is too small and poor to be compared with such great architecture countries like Spain, US and others. it’s just depends on economy. Anyway, bravo to Audrius Ambrasas Architects!

  • masone

    i still believe, vilnius prosecutors office by architect k.lupeikis looks more impressive, especially in the night.

    here`s the link

  • Lainas

    In responding to masones comment,
    Prosecutor’s offise with it’s minimalistic design really is impressive, but poor landscape planning makes it much worse

    What i like about Ambrasas project is that he dare to use wood as a facade element for a commercial building.That is really unusuall decision. The building itself fits very well into surroundings, and looks differnt from various observation spots. Amazing atrium and interior, attension to small details, well planned landscape and fantastic roof terrace open to public makes this building one of the best examples of contemporary architecture in Vilnius and whole Baltics.

  • zeinab

    very nice

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  • Saulinho
  • marais

    I agree with Joseph, don’t understand why everybody’s so fond of this project, like being afraid to say that the king is naked.
    this bulding simply lacks good proportion. in this article it is written “two towers”, yeah would be great, but sorry what I see is just too short, too flat building with ears of a cat. then we have a large terrace, sort of organic form, and then a straight horizontal rectangle (which serves for entrance i guess). like there is three different forms (buildings) which creates some pretentious mess.
    and let’s not talk about materials, this is just cosmetics

  • nele

    I think the idea of design represents Lithuanian architecture very well. Modern, simple, with a great attention to surrounding nature. Very nice landscape design, the terrace is a lovely place to be.