Vila Hermína / HSH architekti

Ester Havlova

Architects: HSH architekti
Location: Černín,
Project Team: Petr Hájek, Tomáš Hradečný, Jan Šépka
Project Year: 2000
Construction Year: 2008-2009
Photographs: Ester Havlová

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The building is situated on a sloping terrain on the outskirts of Černín, taking the same slope into its internals for floors. The interior layout is based on alternating straight and sloping floor surfaces that create the overall spiralling character of the interior and define the building’s external appearance.

Ester Havlova

However, the use of the sloping floor on the ground floor is not purposeless – it is there on investor´s reguest to accomodate movie projections as a small movie theatre. Windows and other openings are placed with respect of the external façade – each of the walls only has one opening. For thermal and water insulation a polyurethane spray with pink coat is used, meant as a credit to our favourite building of Versuchsanstalt fur Wasserbau und Schiffbau by Ludwig Leo.

Cite: "Vila Hermína / HSH architekti" 28 Dec 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 Sep 2014. <>


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    I dont mind the interior organization, it is actually quite interesting – I am more curious why they chose to finish the exteior in cake frosting

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    So 1st off, why show renders of a bathroom. Second, that plastery-messy concrete material used for the interior walls is a little disturbing for a bathroom setting. Looks like a prison cell or something. Materials of this project are very poorly planned.

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    I think, idea is risky, but interior result is nice. maby sloping part is to big, and finishing is agressive for some of us, but it depends on family attitude… i would like to live there.

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    Congratulations! I do like it very much. There will be a lot of controversy in connection to it. In my opinion you did good job including exterior finish. I like that the materials are very rough.

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    one of the best project-realisation i have seen during the past two years…so simple and conceptual, humoristic, alive, contemporary and pop – real supprise! GOGO SEPKA!

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    wow, i love it, THIS IS ARCHITECTURE, somebody told me, that owner’s children was asking, why we have so ordinary house?

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    Amazing site
    Amazing clients
    a country with few architectural restrictions (this is impossible to build in Portugal, for example)



    Congratulations, I like it.

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    I like the interior but I gotta agree with the “cake frosting” analagy. the exterior is horrible. if they would have put as much care into the exterior as they did the exterior then this would be a great house instead of a pink pimple on an otherwise beautiful hillside.

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    I like the interior but I gotta agree with the “cake frosting” analagy. the exterior is horrible. if they would have put as much care into the exterior as they did the exterior then this would be a great house instead of a pink pimple on an otherwise beautiful hillside.
    It looks to me like the architects got so caught up in the interior that they don’t seem to have realized that the house has gorgous views. trying to take advantage of its location would have been nice. having some exterior spaces with some trellis’s or something could have helped dress up the exterior.

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    In my opinion, the exterior polyurethane insulation left exposed, doesn’t produce a nice result at all. The building just looks unfinhished and doesn’t relate to anything in its surroundings… It’s a pity, because otherwise this is a rather insteresting project.

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    oh c’mon!! this house looks more like a children playroom or a video game scenario …im not agree about that this is a great project…

    I find it unconfortable and cheesy, but risky certanly.

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    Totally amateur effort. Realize it’s the holiday season — but there’s much better material out there…

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    why would anyone in their right mind want to live in a space like that. is more of a death trap than a home. there are millions of better projects out there that need publishing. focus on those.

    however i do give props to the owners very brave choice for such traditional setting.

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    I think what’s most offensive about this place is that it manages to be what it is without all the the makeup that we usually resort to when trying to make a building pretty. It is all the more commendable because this “choice” was not really a choice at all – but a necessity. It’s simplicity of form, response to site, honesty of materials, construction – it’s all there. To marginalize this work, I think, is in a way condemning ourselves to a life of catering to those who can only buy art but not conceive of it.

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    Has anyone noticed that some authors have a strange tendency towards compensating the smallness and insignifiance of their projects with a plethora of pictures and details? Like they try to convince you they’ve just made an golden egg…

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    The exterior is crude. I can see the intention. Contrast. It works well with the beautiful interior, with such an innovative, conceptual organisation of space, unfortunately the exterior is still a bit horrible.

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    treatrical nonsense for first pages of all exhibicionist architectural magazines of the world.
    let there be nonsense and superficial architecture.
    no more normalism and inteligence!!!

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    I think this is very interesting project… well, the interior part, but definitely not for couple who would like to grow old in it since it’s only for young and strong people with all of those steep slopes around the place.

    and PLEASE, one thing that I would like for someone to EXPLAIN me is how to you combine open fluid space and family life? what happens when parents want a little privacy? or when children become teenagers? is really normal for whole family to live in what is practically one room?

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    Looks very unfunctional. And a lots of lost spaces on the slopes. The slopes can do great things in houses, but not in this one. They are to steep and nothing happens on it. Could be done better. And owyeah, the bathroom, are we in jail?

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    I don’t think it would be wise to marginalize this house. It has something worth looking into.
    Sure you can question it’s practicality – probably a get drunk and die situation to make fun of it’s downside – and it’s quirky choise of materials and colors, but it’s because of this that this house has something that a lot of buildings don’t – humor. This jagged chewing gum on a hillside will, if you have a sense of humor, make you laugh. It’s like a clown – funny and not stylish. I guess that is the point. Admittedly, a slightly cheap joke, but effective.
    Of course, architecture is a serious matter and I have to say that living in this house is problematic and I don’t know how long the joke will last or on who it is actually. At the end of the day, this is not first grade architecture, not to my liking, but I think there is a lesson to learn from this house.

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