New Tel Aviv High-Rise By Richard Meier Nears Completion

  • 30 Oct 2013
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  • Architecture News

Pritzker Laureate Richard Meier’s iconic new residential tower in the heart of Tel Aviv is nearing completion. Located in Rothschild Boulevard, the city’s bustling high-end commercial, cultural and financial district, it is no surprise that over 70% of the 42-story luxury tower has already been sold.

More on the tower, and its potentially controversial context, after the break…

Panoramic view to the north. Image © Richard Meier

Meier’s 590 feet tower offers a new interpretation of the locally adapted International Style, rising as an iconic transparent tower of white aluminum and glass, reshaping the “White City’s” skyline. One of the tallest residential towers in Israel, the project contains 141 spacious apartments of various sizes and four 20-feet ceiling penthouses, featuring private elevators, swimming pools, gyms, and breathtaking 360 degrees views of the Mediterranean.

The Royal Penthouse . Image © Richard Meier

However, the new tower raises serious questions about the direction the “White City” is heading in. In 2011, Rothschild Boulevard became the informal home for thousands of middle-class Israelis, struggling with the rising cost of living in the former socialist state (in fact, due to a lack of rent-control laws, rent in has surpassed that of many European capitals). The new Meier-On-Rothschild, built on the footsteps of this former tent-city, is not alone; as in many growing cities, luxury residential condos have sprung up all over in the last few years, taking over the city’s low-rise skyline and putting in question the place of the city’s less privileged populations.

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  • tomas pfeifer

    I am speachless. This building looks so Meieresque, if you will, that I truly believe only Meier could have done it. No?

  • nofir 55

    smells like PR
    guess they’re having trouble selling the apartments…

  • Eric in Colorado

    If the project is “nearing completion” how about some actual photos rather than the computer images we’ve been seeing for five years????

  • Yaron, Tel Aviv

    It is probably still a year or more away from completion…
    This type of real estate is popular among extremely rich foreigners (read: Russian mafia or American and French millionaires) that visit once a year and investors that rent the apartments out to expats for crazy prizes. Apart from material and shadow, these kind of projects don’t add much to the city.