Architecture Office / Grosfeld van de Velde Architecten

© Petra Appelhof
© Petra Appelhof

Architects: Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten
Location: Breda,
Client: Grosfeld van de Velde Architecten
Project Year: 2007-2008
Photographs: Rene de Wit & Petra Appelhof

© Rene de Wit © Rene de Wit © Rene de Wit © Rene de Wit

The former hose tower of the old fire station is located at the middle of the site where, as a result of new development, space is provided to the housing of the “creative” industries. The site receives a campus-like character with the hose tower as a centrepiece and striking landmark. The renovation of the tower and the construction of the pavilion is tailored to the needs of the agency to both a general workspace where employees perform their work in specific areas for receiving guests, giving presentations, holding meetings and working in isolation.

© Rene de Wit
© Rene de Wit
plans 02
plans 02

The spaces are strictly separated by a transparent zone which also has access to the office. Underneath the timber-clad pavilion can be parked and thus corresponds to the park and open environment. From the first floor is a beautiful view over the developing area with his monumental trees. Nothing in the room recalls the stereotypical office. High fixed ceilings, cove lighting and carefully detailed office furniture give the office a degree of serenity and tranquility. A restrained detailing adds to the pure appearance of the object. The rooms in the tower have a similar quality of finish. Here also plays the old shell of the tower with its walled construction an important role in the amenities of the room. The rooms are accessed by a staircase that eventually leads to the upper floor, a meeting room with a panoramic view of Breda.

© Rene de Wit
© Rene de Wit

This archetypal space literally follows the contour of the new building and is therefore at its highest point approximately 9 meter high.

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    Working in upper floor must be bad… How a client in a wheelchair go to the upper floor?
    Okay this is a reuse… but this is a architecture office too, should be example.

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      people complain about everything.

      WHat are the chances that you’re going to be visited by a client in a wheelchair? I work at a 140+ people office, and not once I’ve seen someone in a wheelchair coming to the office.

      Obviously if that’s the case they would meet with “your imaginary disable client” in another place, don’t you think?

      I’m pretty sure the existing structure couldn’t take an elevator, and adding an elevator and reinforced the tower structure simply wasn’t in budget, is it that hard to figure it out?

      *sigh, end of rant.

      Nice work! Excellent project.

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    the “house” on top of the existing structure does not really fit in. the other extention building seems really nice though.

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