Mosaic / SAKO Architects


Architects: SAKO Architects / Keiichiro SAKO, Tetsuo YAMAJI, Yu Fujita
Location: Beijing,
Site area: 15,869 sqm
Building area: 8,137 sqm
Total floor space: 100,359 sqm
Project Year: 2006-2008
Photographs: Shu He & Misae Hiromatsu

A-13 A-19 C-02 D-02

site plan
site plan


It is a complex facility. The lower part of the building is the department store, and 3 residential towers were built on top of it. The motif of “Mosaic” was adopted through out this project. It is consistently used as motifs of exterior, interior, signs, and landscape designs. The big volume consisting of “mosaics” is to convey the image of the landmark filled with festivity like the spectacle of fluttering confetti. And the intricate reflecting surface of the main entrance which has the form of a huge opening mouth articulates, amplifies and emits the movement of people and the various lights.



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    they just made a chaotic, hyper-intensive place like Beijing, more chaotic and hyper-intensive.
    i wanna go home…

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    dear world,

    i hereby resign from the profession.
    and this is almost enough to make me resign from life.

    yours faithfully,

    an architect

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    in a few minutes living there, people will be seeing little naked dwarfs running around… just wait…

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    this kind of pixelated effects very rarely work. This has to be the worst I’ve seen. And Shane is absolutely correct…

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    Somebody in the design-team should go and work for a magazine or something, because this is absolute rubbish. Even better: just don’t waste anymore resources, stop it, just stop…

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    Modern day “Arkham Asylum” – this is where all the lunatic architects are going to end up if this recession gets any worse.

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    i think that it was sooooooo much of the texture…….

    i guess that a little less would have been better……

    greetings from mexico

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    Is it really residential?

    The floor plan they show looks more like a Hotel layout.

    Either case, the main issue is “scale”, there’s a line (and it’s not that fine) where something goes from trendy to kitsch, and they sure crossed it, maybe intentionally, who knows.

    All those panels and pixels and mirrors, would work better at a 1/4 their size atleast. Seems like an art installation in an otherwise blank building.

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    Mosaic by “Psycho” architects… it’s like they wanted to ensure the likelihood of a SHINING type incident happening….

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