Roy McMurtry Youth Centre / Kleinfeldt Mychajlowycz Architects

© A-Frame – Ben Rahn
© A-Frame – Ben Rahn

Architects: Kleinfeldt Mychajlowycz Architects
Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Architects in Charge: Carol Kleinfeldt & Roman Mychajlowycz
Associate Consultant: Quadrangle Architects Limited
Landscape Consultant: MBTW Group
Civil Engineering: Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Electrical Engineering: Moon-Matz Engineering
Structural Engineering: Halsall Associates Limited
Builder: Bird Construction
Project Area: 20,438 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: A-Frame – Ben Rahn

© A-Frame – Ben Rahn © A-Frame – Ben Rahn © A-Frame – Ben Rahn © A-Frame – Ben Rahn

site plan
site plan

The site is an existing 40 hectare institutional site which was initially surrounded by agricultural fields. The Surrounding Community is now single family, suburban housing outside the Greater Community of Toronto. The site was cleared of an existing women’s prison, with the exception of two buildings, which were maintained and renovated as part of the Youth Centre. Eight new buildings have been added to the site to provide services to 192 youth offenders, 32 girls and boys, aged 12 years to 17 years old. Over 300 staff members, volunteers and family members and visitors are included in the Immediate Community of the Youth Centre.

© A-Frame – Ben Rahn
© A-Frame – Ben Rahn
© A-Frame – Ben Rahn
© A-Frame – Ben Rahn

Each of these Communities were considered in the realization of the project, from the scale of the aggregate built form, earth works and landscaping to the six residential buildings and finally the detailing of the private bedrooms. The secured area of the site is a Campus morphology, reinforcing the Education ideals of the Centre. Contiguous buildings, infill board-formed concrete, panels and Corten steel panels define the garden wall. The Campus is surrounded by a public Park, offering a naturalized landscape including a bio-swale, pond, existing mature trees, hundreds of new trees and a new streetscape. These are intended to generate a positive attitude toward the public occupation of regional suburban roads. Intensifying the public use of the non-secured areas of the site is critical to the success of this Youth Centre, both in promoting a healthy public understanding of the ideals of the institution and the residents understanding of their place in their society.

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  • Lime

    Cant see the YOUTH element

    • Claus

      Ans that is a good thing. Youth doesn’t need some youth-elements. They need to be taken serious.

    • James Allen

      Nice Soviet boxiness.

  • Eugen_S

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  • A-Frame Inc.

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  • stirring

    Does serious also mean colourless? I thought youth were vibrant, energetic and spontaneous…

  • Korrig

    Like Kahn. Hope it carries some special feeling. Kids aren’t colorful and vibrant and energetic; but we hope they are. Also we hope they have some faith and seriousness and wisdom in the future.

  • bob

    to bad it is the most unsafe building ever created and rampant with violence due to all the blind spots….. great job!!!! good to see you are proud of this disaster!!!!!!

    • eric

      I agree although this facility looks beautiful, I cannot see how a design like this meets the functional needs of a JAIL. I can imagine the staff of this facility struggling to keep a handle on high risk violent offenders with so many nooks and cranny’s to hide around. More thought should have been put into the practical needs of a jail rather than estetics.

  • Tish

    i wonder how well this bulding will weather? also how do the guards supervise the kids with such a large area and so many different rooms? how safe is this building? also with canadian weather how well does it work in the cold and snow?

  • Christine

    Copy and paste the above address onto your facebook search bar. Join my group. It’s called Stop the violence at Roy McMurtry “superjail”. A facility so pretty on the outside yet cold violent and inhumane on the inside. These kids broke the law, they still deserve to be treated as human beings. For all that the man Roy McMurtry stands for, this facility has destroyed his name. Freedom of rights? Is denying young offenders medical treatment and watching them be abused regularly freedom of rights? I THINK NOT!!!!

  • Nawinda Tulaporn

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