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  7. Autofamily House / KWK PROMES

Autofamily House / KWK PROMES

  • 01:00 - 9 October, 2013
Autofamily House / KWK PROMES
Autofamily House / KWK PROMES, © Juliusz Sokołowski
© Juliusz Sokołowski
  • Architects

  • Location

  • Author

    Robert Konieczny
  • Collaboration

    Katarzyna Furgalińska, Magdalena Adamczak, Łukasz Marciniak
  • Structural Engineering

    Kornel Szyndler
  • Area

    990.0 sqm
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

© Juliusz Sokołowski © Olo Studio © Juliusz Sokołowski © Olo Studio +29

© Olo Studio
© Olo Studio

From the architect. Autofamily house represents a new way of thinking about the entrance area in a suburban residence. We usually enter the house by a car, using the garage integrated in main solid. The main entrance is rarely used. Nowadays the cars are becoming cleaner and more eco-friendly, hence the idea emerged to include the garage into the representative entrance area. As a result, a new type of a family house emerged. In the Autofamily House the entrance area and the driveway get transformed into an unique multifunctional space and the moment of driving in the house become a pleasant experience.

© Olo Studio
© Olo Studio
© Juliusz Sokołowski
© Juliusz Sokołowski

The terrain is leveled in order to obtain two zones: the driveway space and the private garden. The driveway is left on the ground level and the house with intimate garden is lifted 3 meters above and separated by a retaining wall. As to comfort access to the building, in meaning of parking the car on the level of living room, a route connecting the two levels were designed. However, to avoid dividing the garden, the driveway is covered with a green roof and finished with walls serving as borderlines. The result is a tunnel emerging in the garden, becoming a house. The owner is an art collector so the tunnel is also used as a gallery of his paintings collection.

© Juliusz Sokołowski
© Juliusz Sokołowski
Ground Floor Plan
Ground Floor Plan
© Olo Studio
© Olo Studio
Cite: "Autofamily House / KWK PROMES" 09 Oct 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Sean · November 21, 2014

Lovely concept though not convinced the design works in reality. How are the fumes ventilated? Is there any fire protection in place for the house and occupants if something were to go wrong with the cars? It's sometimes interesting to see how far removed from reality people - and architects/designers - can be. Maybe it works. Maybe the client is delighted with it. But from safety, sensibility and reality standpoints I don't see this project working all that well. Sorry, KWK Promes.

Andrew · November 21, 2014 11:36 PM

electric cars dont produce fumes

Sean · November 21, 2014 09:01 PM

On a positive note I think the rest of the design is lovely, but the concept should only be that - a concept.

gabble · November 21, 2014

Maybe the family like their cars? Oh no, I forgot that us architects hate cars of all forms and must only like fixie bikes made from woven hemp.

Jibou · November 21, 2014

yes, what we need is clearly to put more cars in our lives ! yay ! it has become so eco-friendly ! i want cars in my living room !

WTF archdaily ?

martinus · October 10, 2013

Ironically, however, is that the house exactly became what the concept diagram tries to avoid.

jen · October 10, 2013

Maybe emissions wise cars are cleaner. But what about all the crud, oil & nastiness you drive over on a daily basis? I wouldn't want to bring that into the house. This is a housekeeping nightmare.

showkath ali · October 10, 2013

such a great concept :)

Jon · October 10, 2013

This is the most nauseously excessive thing I have ever seen. What is the need for the monolithic retaining wall? How long will it take to mow the lawn? How many cars can drive through the middle of the house side-by-side? WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS?

MrP · October 10, 2013 07:28 PM

Totally agree. This is a fetish house for maniac.


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© Juliusz Sokołowski

波兰,汽车之家 / KWK Promes