Led Action Façade, Digital Façade for Medialab Prado / Langarita Navarro Arquitectos

© Miguel de Guzman
© Miguel de Guzman

Architects: Langarita Navarro ArquitectosMaría Langarita, Víctor Navarro
Location: Medialab Prado, Madrid,
Collaborators: María Langarita, Víctor Navarro, Juan Palencia, Roberto Gonzalez
Client: Area de las Artes, Ayuntamiento de Madrid
General Contractor: Pecsa Teconsa U.T.E.
Engineers: Mecanismo
Lighting Consultant: Ca2l
Project Area: 144 sqm
Project Year: 2008
Construction Year: 2008-2009
Photographs: Miguel de Guzman

The city is created under emergency conditions: On the one hand, the obligation to update its infrastructures and, on the other hand, the need to maintain the same standards as in other cities, both of which require the continuous incorporation of new technologies to public spaces. If the now rare telephone booths were an example of this modernising in their day, today’s urban screens are so now. Once the economic factors were overcome, they were implemented all over the city following confused criteria linked to business performance and inertia inherited from previous examples, such as in Times Square in New York. These trends have non-commercial display devices to become a rare exception within the city’s digitalisation process. Apart from informative electronic signs, these experiences have been uncommon and always reduced to a temporary scale. This situation shows that although some private companies are interested in them as a support for their advertising purposes, few institutions have been able to profit from their ability to activate public spaces or their capacity to create local identity and identify open processes in the city.

© Miguel de Guzman
© Miguel de Guzman

The digital façade of the Plaza de las Letras is the result of a commission from the Arts Area of the Madrid Town Council to provide the Medialab-Prado Centre with one of those non-commercial systems as a laboratory to make visible its researches regardin art, public spaces and new technologies. The new façade aims to become a virtual space for exchange and communication with both visitors and locals. It is an infrastructure designed as an active support capable of promoting social responsibility, information transmission, social interaction and play-oriented experiences.

© Miguel de Guzman
© Miguel de Guzman

The Led Action Façade system is a model patented to produce large-format digital façades. The device consists of a regular matrix of nodes of RGB leds implemented by means of aluminium cones, the section of which has been designed to reflect the beam of light of emission sources and to improve the screen’s viewing. The application of the Led Action Façade in the staggered party wall of the old Serrería Belga, the future headquarters of the Medialab-Prado Centre, involves the creation of a viewing device covering 144m2 and made up by some 35,000 nodes. The system has allowed the configuration of a digital support of irregular geometry that is easily adaptable and has been prepared for the emission of both fixed and moving average resolution images. On the contrary, when the system is switched off, the set of cones and nodes become a vibrant surface activated by natural light that makes it look less similar to conventional urban screens and become a characteristic feature of the party wall.

Facade system
Facade system
Cite: "Led Action Façade, Digital Façade for Medialab Prado / Langarita Navarro Arquitectos" 14 Dec 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 24 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=43582>
  • Tosh

    I hope it doesn’t become just an advert board.. it has the potential to become a great discussion and public presentation space.. but it is the people and the programme that has to reassure this happends..

  • jaypeso

    this is great. creates an interactive space for people to come together and enjoy. i like the fact that the space is not all pretty’d up and still has some grit to it with the graffiti on the walls and benches. gives character to the space :)

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  • http://ashitakaryo.deviantart.com/ Ryou

    really cool !

  • http://twitter.com/nicholaspatten/status/6689716084 Nicholas Patten

    Led Action Façade, Digital Façade for Medialab Prado. http://bit.ly/7YXoLU

  • Ralph Kent

    It’s fine, but isn’t it just a LED display, which instead of being rectangular, has a stepped top edge? The content on the film clip looks good, but that’s the media, not the architecture. As Tosh says, lets hope they stick to their principles and don’t succumb to budgetary pressures to start putting advertising on it.

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  • Tanja

    If this display ever becomes socially useful and critical public discussions space I totally praise it.
    I sincerely hope it won’t stay just on entertaining – nice looking – appealing – and commercial light board, that would really be a big pity.

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  • http://www.modern-zen.com Modern Zen Architecture

    Muy bueno. Espero que el espacio se utiliza con prudencia, y no para propósitos de publicidad.

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  • mojokex

    What a cute depiction of the White Stripes.

    Oh ya, nice facade, too.

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