Russia Pavilion for Shanghai World Expo 2010

19400 will decorate its for the 2010 World Expo like a fairy-tale world, showing a comfortable city as seen through children’s eyes. The country unveiled its pavilion design which will be on a 6,000-square-meter plot and feature 12 white towers inspired by traditional Russian women’s costume.

The 20-meter towers, in white, red and gold, will duplicate the ancient Ural towns dating back 3,000 years ago, but given a modern touch with their irregular shapes. They demonstrate the diversity of both ancient and modern cities, said Vladimir Strashko, Russia’s commission general for the Expo.

A 15-meter-tall central building will link the towers. More images after the break.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Russia Pavilion for Shanghai World Expo 2010" 10 Dec 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <>

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  • Dustin

    I actually like the patterns, the overall design is very similar to the rest of the expo.. and that is not a good thing.

  • Me

    I get a bit fed up seeing forms decorated with patterns. This is not architecture, it’s decoration. It’s easy to be impressed if you have a lazy eye, whilst in spatial terms there is nothing on offer. In any case a render is not enough to judge a building by… so i hold my venom…

    • Dustin

      Is decoration not a part of Architecture? Is classic, barroque, gothic, etc… architecture, not really architecture because it has decoration? One thing is to disagree with ornamentation in architecture and another is to be ignorant and say it is not architecture because it’s a decorative pattern.

    • colin

      I disagree, if you read up a bit more on the design of the towers and the pavillion, you would know that the towers represent the perfect city for children, each one is a different aspect of the places described in the stories, and the patterns are derived from that. Its not 1930 anymore, you cant just hate decoration for the sake of it. decoration has often been useless and unattractive, but the fact of the matter is, as many competent architects will tell you, if decoration makes something more beautiful it is justified within itself. The Russian pavilion is beautiful architecture, and the patterns are completely relevant and justifiable.

      Also, if youre going to critize somthin, do it properly,you comment offended not only the architect, but all the others who like it. Be more careful before you piss everyone off.

      • colin

        sorry forgot the clarify, the towers are derived from the stories written by an old russian childrens literature author

  • qwerty


  • qwerty

    nothing telling about Russia and it’s modern culture,pure decoration.

    • colin

      read about how it was designed before making comments like that

  • WSBY

    actually agree with Me it is decoration, mainstream forms without character

    • james

      I don’t think this is particularly good, but I still don’t see your point.

  • di

    guys i have to say i like this pavilion. the faceted white forms remind me of snow and ice covered buildings , and the patterns like the geometrical roof patterns they have in st petersburg.its a very nice abstract representation of what russians have and what they are proud of. it has a lot more to say than the other pavilions im afraid. kudos to the artist!!!!!

  • oil


  • Bo

    Its too pity but this pavilvion is not architecture.
    PS like the most part of modern moscow architecture.

  • Blackbuddha

    Maybe the concept was out from the church buildings of moscow, anyway, I don’t like this one, cos it’s just some huge cubes without aesthestic feeling at all.

  • qwerty

    di слушай ну это же бредовая архитектура)без обид но такого галиматья ожидать можно от кого угодно)жаль конечно но я к примеру в этих объемах вижу только айсберги и какую то Норвежскую тему,но у нас то страна большая от Краснодара до Владивостока 12 часовых поясов – половина земного шара)уж знаешь думаю это такой же провал как и лого сочи 2014,имидж пока строится государства такого “середнячка”,но никак не достойного РФ.И точно подмечено что это не архитектура,а тупо дизайн и высосанные из пальца концепции.

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  • helen

    isn’t the point of these expo pavilions to prove a nation’s modern identity? i really think this one was quite successful in the sense that one can look at it and see the new russia, albeit not being spatially impressive.

  • Velina

    I really like the shapes, strange some people said that this is not an architecture, what is architecture? It looks very intriguing and i hope the production is as good as the 3D picture here.

  • Wargo

    A very Russian style.

    • Bo

      ur comment is very intresting!
      d’u know anything alse about rus style?

  • intenrautas

    looks like parody of medieval castle…

  • Настя

    Ерунда какая-то

  • max


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  • Alex

    stop complaining about the decoration, this is a really well done pavilion. ARCHITECTURE IS DECORATION. Do we Not decorate our Cities with bricks covered in glass and signs that shine in the light??

  • holyhoodoo

    очень по-русски, это конечно погорячились)) действительно такого поверхностного подхода к арх-ре сейчас достаточно, но не тока в СНГ((… имхо, идея с исторической подоплекой какая-никакая вроде как бы и была… но средства уж очень скудные… это “дизайнерские штучки”- орнаменты- фак(т)))) плюс, на мой взгляд, атектоничность должна всегда возмещаться эстетикой формы… ее тут нет тчк.