In Tokyo, A Vertical Farm Inside and Out

Courtesy of Kono Designs

As young people migrate to cities in ever growing numbers, so grows the concern for the future of agriculture. Prototypes for urban/vertical farms have been developed and, considering projected urban growth, seem a likely forecast for our future.

In the offices of Pasona, the future has already arrived. The Tokyo based recruitment agency has dedicated 20% of their 215,000 square foot office to growing fresh vegetables, making it the largest in .

Courtesy of Kono Designs

The gardens utilize a mix of hydroponic and soil-based farming, and require very specific climate control within the building. This often means keeping these spaces warmer than is considered comfortable for office spaces, and is arguably the building’s greatest downfall.

The food grown in the office isn’t meant to just feed the employees at Pasona. Kono Designs, the architecture firm behind the project, is hoping that this new type of office will inspire the young urbanites to reconsider agriculture and possibly even to reinvigorate rural areas.

At the very least, the project seems poised to inspire other offices to embrace this new design trend.

For more on urban farms, check out this series of articles published on ArchDaily last year:

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  • Croco Dile

    How will this taste ?

    • Tsukiyo

      Believe it or not, hydroponic vegetables taste better than traditionally grown crops, the quality and hygiene is guaranteed.

  • Clan

    Can it meet the demand of food for people in the building?

  • quixotiera

    Does it have general applicaion?