What is Architecture? Steven Holl Describes It In Four words

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While artists work from the real to the abstract, architects must work from the abstract to the real.“ 

Taking on no easy task, Steven Holl has set out to define , with a capital “A” – in just four words. His article, featured in the Critics Page of The Brooklyn Rail, is part of a series of short writings by artists and architects. Read What is Architecture? by Steven Holl.

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  • Johan

    You think that is something, I can describe being an architect with a single, four-letter word.

  • bharat neupane

    computer architecture

  • Ted

    It is the mother of all arts. That’s what I call it. In order to be an architect, one requires comprehensive knowledge not only of nature and materials, but also of the human body, social aspects and what it takes to construct a physically safe structure.