Reflection from the “Walkie Talkie” Making Cars Melt

20 Fenchurch Street, or the “,” by Rafael Viñoly Architects. Image © Flickr User pembridge2

The big story today is about a new development in ’s financial district dubbed The Walkie Talkie due to its unusual shape.

The combination of its shape (which is curved), its placement, and its height has apparently created a tremendously intense reflection and beam of light that creates extraordinary heat on a nearby block, and one Jaguar owner says his car literally suffered melting damage from having been parked in that spot.

The news was first broken by Jim Waterson at City AM.

Anyway, a photo of the car has been revealed by the BBC, which tweeted out a photo of a clearly warped Jaguar.

In a joint statement, developers Land Securities and Canary Wharf said:

“We are aware of concerns regarding the light reflecting from 20 Fenchurch Street and are looking into the matter.

“As a precautionary measure, the City of London has agreed to suspend three parking bays in the area which may be affected while we investigate the situation further.”

Mr Lindsay said the developers had apologised and agreed to sort out the £946 repair costs.

Meanwhile, an Instagram user has found a great shot showing just how white hot the spot on the street seams to get.

This story, by Joe Weisenthal, was originally published on Business Insider. Check out other great content at Business Insider, such as:


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    The should put solar panels all over the parking spaces, the building concentrating the sunlight would make them work at full capacity :D

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    Big mistake for the Architect here, they just have to bite the bullet and change the glazing of the entire building, so as not to loose its awesome shape.
    That sucks guys….

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    A Mayan temple in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico projects a certain shadow twice a year (around 20 March and 22 September) by plotting the suns yearly orbit. Maybe the Walkie Talkie people can now have a yearly Jaguar sacrifice ceremony each September?

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    That focus spot will move every day, eventually it can get at some apartement window and light up a curtain or wood furniture.

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    Oops…same issue as the Vdara, and the same architect too! I would have thought you’d only make that mistake once…

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