Three Teams Shortlisted to Design Denmark’s Largest Hospital

© BIG+WHR+Arup

The full shortlist has been revealed for the second phase of an international competition to design one of Denmark’s largest hospitals in : Nyt Nordsjælland. Competing against the BIG+WHR+Arup team to design the 124,000 square meter, north of Copenhagen, will be C. F Møller+Alectia+Ramboll and Herzog and de Meuron+Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects.

Read on for more on each proposal…

© BIG+WHR+Arup

BIG, WHR, and Arup’s proposal, seen here, prides itself on being a “healing hospital” with an abundance of green spaces and courtyards that are all deeply connected to the patient’s experience.

© C. F Møller+Alectia+Ramboll
© C. F Møller+Alectia+Ramboll

As for C. F Møller, Alectia and Ramboll’s proposal, the jury acknowledged their “vast knowledge of hospitals” and lauded the design for its “clean functionality.”

© Herzog and de Meuron+Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

Herzog and de Meuron’s and Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects’ also capitalized on the surrounding nature, maximizing patient views of the outdoor landscape by positioning rooms in a circular complex, topped with a rooftop garden.

© Herzog and de Meuron+Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

These three teams, shortlisted from seven international submissions, will now work to refine their proposals. A winner will be announced in March 2014 and the hospital is planned for completion in 2020.

We will continue to publish information as it becomes available.

Reference: BDOnline

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  • Jason Bond

    The perks of socialized health care.

    • connor covey

      For sure a lot better then privatized, look how much care and thought can actually go into their Healthcare developments. Unlike the US where Mr Developer makes all the rules and goes for the rectangular blob so he can increase his revenue and profit. Over there they care about the people and design for the people not for the dollar sign. Kudos to BIG, now matter how much some people dont like him, he is changing architecture and is producing a lot of it.

  • SickofBig

    So tired of seeing these BIG renderings that mean nothing. Big specializes in pretty pictures. I mean… swans? Really? It’s not possible to judge a project without seeing some real drawings. Maybe their unpaid or extremely underpaid interns and employees can’t draw. Maybe they can. I don’t know. If you work 80 hour weeks on the reg, for 1500 bucks a month you would be focusing on swans too.

    • Aleksander Wadas

      haters gonna hate

    • LPrazeres

      what a foolish opinion. Not worth the time of this reply.

      • SickofBig

        All I’m saying is that BIG, and other offices like BIG, focus on images over design. And the fact that they exploit their workers is something that is widely known in the New York architecture scene. You don’t have to agree, but I find that these images are made for developers and for money seeking, not to communicate architecture. It’s marketing.

    • Terry Gillespie

      Whilst I have to agree that their recent proposals (such as Lego House and this) have not included much more then renderings and an animation, I must also say that BIG has been very giving in the past. Most of their concepts that you can find on this site contain a large selection of plans, sections, diagrams, and model images as well as the renderings. I dare say that there may be some conditions to the competition that prevent the release of other details. But, yes, it is difficult to analyse it off just renderings… and to top it off, now I keep focussing on those swans -.-

    • Desphunk
    • connor covey

      Go to his website, they are only showing renderings on this page.

  • Piotr Smolira

    SickofBig I agree with you. Better way is to make mock-up buildings like Peter Zumthor does, imo.

    • SickofBig

      Just plans and sections would be fine. Renderings communicate very little if they are not paired with drawings. I thought this was an architecture blog, not a CGI blog.

    • SickofBig

      Physical models are great too, of course.

      • Jingels

        SickofBig where do you get your archi-gossip? BIG produces all of the above (drawings, models, images) and has an office culture far superior to other elite offices.

      • SickofBig

        Jingels, I have known several people that have worked for BIG through the past couple of years. You get hired as an “intern” for 6 months. This is standard. These are not students, mind you, but graduates, all the ones I’ve known with M.Archs. They put you in one of 3 “tiers”, which are 18K – 25K approximately. You work from 9am to 11pm everyday. They feed you there, so you won’t have to “worry about it”. It is about 1500 a month. In NYC, try living with that money. If that is not exploitation, then please tell me waht you think it is.

      • Laust Christian Øby Kjeldsen

        Jingels Don’t know if you know any danish, but this is the headline: “Star Architect criticized for discount wages”

      • connor covey

        Have you not seen his models?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!?! Unreal that you are on this site saying this, you need to go to his website and then you need to change your name because it makes you look like a moron.

  • Reinhard04

    I can confirm .. big = modern slavery.. but i think that people who work in that office knew that before.. u r doing this for 1 or 2 years to boost your cv…

  • Kb

    My issue with BIG is not their renderings or their imagery. My issue is their design is really dumb, they do not do anything intelligent with geometry. If they want to be a formal firm, then they are open to critiques on form, and they take primitive geometries, slap in some floor plates and some windows, and then you have mediocre architecture students who probably work in corporate firms, fawning over everything BIG. The reality is their work and designs are geared for the uneducated, for dumb people, there is really nothing to discuss with BIG, their is nothing intelligent or interesting happening within their formal studies.

    • connor covey

      Hahaha and who are you? If you actually believe this then I guess you you must think OMA sucks too right? Or whats next Zaha Hadid doesn’t know geometry or curves and her stuff is a bunch of BS too? Or is Morphisis also a joke? All these people design the same shock and awe buildings and they use amazing renderings and video to do it. They also all play with form and design and analyze sites in the same way. And actually both Zaha and Bjarke came from OMA. So go ahead and share your opinion all you want but Bjarke Ingels will design and see built more then you could have in 15 life times.

  • Notyourproblem

    Here, there are more pictures about Herzog and de Meuron project.

  • sickofbig can’t render

    I’m guessing you just can’t render “sickofbig,” a little bit of insecure jealousy.