Katarina Frankopan Kindergarten / Randić & Turato


Architects: Randić & Turato / Saša Randić and Idis Turato
Location: Krk Island,
Project team: Ana Stanicic, Gordan Resan, Iva Franolic, Janko Jelic
Project Area: 1,725 sqm
Construction date: 2009
Photographs: Robert Leš

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New kindergarten, on the island of Krk in Croatia, is located on northeastern border of the town, amongst mostly touristic apartments and shopping malls. In such unattractive neighborhood, this kindergarten is shaped as enclosed and introverted insula, surrounded with soaring walls. Inside of this small town-kindergarten, units-houses are combined with open gardens, placed next to pedestrian communications.


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Due to the rather small area of kindergartens parcel, units for the smallest kids, together with belonged roof terraces – playgrounds, are located on the first floor of the building. Kindergarten is defined by halls – kale (local name for small streets characteristic for historical centers of Dalmatian towns), aiming upwards or downwards, regarding the topography of the site. Eastern and western entrances to the kindergarten are to be used by children, employees and guests, service entrance is on the north, and southern gates open the kindergarten towards the small, sunny oriented playground. In the centre of the kindergarten there is a small square – piazza, which is supposed to serve as location for manifestations, events and celebrations. Besides 7 units for older children, and 4, previously mentioned, units for youngsters, kindergarten also embeds hall for sports, recreation and dance classes. Plan area of the kindergarten is 1,725 sqm, with gross area of 2,379 sqm.

Cite: "Katarina Frankopan Kindergarten / Randić & Turato" 24 Nov 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=41653>
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  • Bana Alkahteeb

    what i like the most about this KG building design is that it understands the world of “kids” ,, it is scaled to their size .. relatively small building with short walls to make kids feel comfortable in school.

  • Alex

    Nice design but i think they have too little outdoor space. let the children play outside, give them some fresh air.

  • allinone

    Very nice, it seems to be a small village. Everybody knows each other

  • rodney


    Very smart and spatially inspiring.

  • alex

    nice units composite the combination.if more communion gave,should be better.

  • Jason

    I’m not really a fan of the lighting inside of the spaces, nor the glass choice for the exterior. It creates this really claustrophobic feeling in those little outdoor courtyards when you can’t see inside. Hall of mirrors effect almost.

  • teo

    Oh look, every kid has his little playground surrounded by walls, you wouldn’t want to let them play together. I can only imagine the teacher going: “Today we are working on rotation, Tommy you get to swing and Dorothy you can use the slide, after 5 minutes you switch. The play houses are closed today! Never mind the strange men looking at you from the parking lot. After the nap I’m going to rent a chopper to show you how colorful your kindergarten really is.”

  • janine

    What a collection of sterile uninteresting spaces. Too bad if children require some interactive play. Guess its okay if you like riding around in circles on flat concrete and sliding down a perfect slide onto even more flat concrete. Although I love the building, whoever designed this forgot the function – kids would be bored with this after five minutes. Everything is a hard surface, no textures, plants – nothing to create.

  • http://twitter.com/archicad/status/6825531137 ArchiCAD

    ArchiCAD-firm wins Croatia's top award for kindergarten design

  • http://twitter.com/barringtonarch/status/6877407478 BarringtonArch

    RT @archicad: ArchiCAD-firm wins Croatia's top award for kindergarten design

  • hinking

    I want to know more about the detail of kindertern designing.such the height“`
    and something useful data.
    Then,Iwant to say every designer has their own style,maybe we can not understand the architecture sometime ,it’s not mean it is not a good design.Are you thinking right? Maybe you are right.haha“`

  • zhang wei