Spanish Builders Forget to Resize Skyscraper Elevator

Image via Gizmodo

Standing tall as a “striking symbol of hope and prosperity,” the Intempo skyscraper in , Spain is missing one essential component: a working elevator. Although the towers’ have been riddled with issues from the start, its “over-excited” developers decided to double the structure’s original height from 20 to 47 stories. Unfortunately, the expansion was realized without the appropriate recalculation of its elevator system, leaving little space for larger lifts and motor equipment that would naturally be required for a taller building. Since, the project’s architects,  have resigned and it is unclear as to how the developers will overcome the issue.

Reference: Gizmodo, El Pais

Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "Spanish Builders Forget to Resize Skyscraper Elevator" 10 Aug 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <>
  • Shocked

    Is that right?! How come? How? Come?

  • Brad

    lol! 21st to 47th will be the cheapest flats of the century!

  • klishnor

    Clearly, the architects “elevators didn’t go all the way to the top floor” either.

  • FFF

    at least they remember about the stairs

  • Hacienda

    This is what happens when developers think they can design and then run out of budget halfway through…

  • Phebe Tam

    hum….maybe putting elevators outside? Or have ski taxi taking them above and beyond?

  • BV

    I do not think word “forget” correctly describes what really happened, only it sells the article better. I do not think they could forget. I believe architect was pushed by developer to design the extension without the lifts, or lower structure itself could not manage more load or so. To extend 20 storey building by more than double is not just like that, that something this major for highrise building could be just forgotten. Think about structural redesign, lift calculation, life security measures, evacuation, fire brigade access, delivery, permitting etc. In any case it is unbelievable. :)

  • Maria

    The house for sportmens! you don’t even need gym. This is good economical decision.

  • Javi

    The information published is not complete right. There is an elevator for every store but the elevator hole and the technicals places for the elevator like motor, cables transforms etc are smaller than it should be because it was designed for a 20 store building, not for 47. So there is an Elevator, but not big enough for the amount of persons. They do not recalculate elevators spaces and sizes.

  • TomH

    Offer an exclusive living in the levels above 20 by introducing helicopter landing platforms!

  • james d s mith

    It could be that the original design concept was a tower to attract obsessive fitness enthusiasts that would use the trip to work and home as their daily workout! In any case, there is a big hole between the two towers where the now fired architects obviously intended to place a very high tech, 360 degree view lift for the more “wussy” tenants and for the furniture movers.

  • Chris

    Welcome to Spañistan.

  • Sandor

    The problem with the 30 minute daily exercise is solved

  • Mario

    Who needs elevators when we have helicopters!?

  • john Chamberlain. Architect

    The problem isn´t the lack of elevators…………how did they get twice as much hieght and units in an area where the scale of such a building is obscene…………its a sad reflection on the facility offered by the banks and the egos of the developers in getting twice the volume etc etc etc. Typically, the architect gets the “you forgot the lifts ” joke……………………..

  • N1C5

    This article has been taken out of context. The original article was published about the lack of a service elevator during the construction phase, that’s not to say the building has been designed with no working elevators at all. The only reason it was a story at all is that workers had to carry building supplies up the stairs. I guess that is still quite an oversight…

  • blobface

    Standing tall as a “striking symbol of hope and prosperity”

    I really don’t think we should critise this building, this building symbolises “hope and prosperity” as something that you can see from afar, but can never reach.

  • ArcanastuBlog

    This new is a lie, Sorry if anyone believed it.

  • Anran Chen

    This was proved to be wrong in the end. The building did have elevators, 3 on each side and all the way up to the top.

  • EnEf

    Archdaily administrators should have removed this new since it has been proven to be a fake, or at list they should write an amedment.