Historic Toledo Museum of Art Goes Off Grid

  • 25 Jul 2013
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Toledo Museum of Art; Courtesy of Flickr User Kevin Marsh, Licensed via Creative Commons

The 101-year old historic building that houses the Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio has gone off grid, reports Candace Pearson of Architectural Record. Through a series of upgrades that began in the early ‘90s,  including covering 60% of the roof with solar panels, the Toledo Museum has gone from purchasing 700,000 kW of electricity a month to returning energy back to the grid – making it an exemplar of adaptability and in century-old public buildings. Find out how they did it at Architectural Record.

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    Despite what the Architectural Record article says, the building is not “off the grid.”

    ” … Solscient Energy provided a power purchase agreement allowing the museum to recoup funds by selling any surplus energy back to the grid.”
    “In 20 years, the museum has gone from purchasing an average 700,000 kWh a month to 117,000 kWh … ”

    Without a connection to the “grid” they would not be able to sell excess power nor purchase utility power when their needs exceed their generating capacity.