Museum of Bavarian History Competition Entry / Irlenbusch von Hantelmann Architekten

Courtesy of Irlenbusch von Hantelmann Architekten

Designed by Irlenbusch von Hantelmann Architekten, their proposal for the Museum of Bavarian History in accentuates its significance through its single urban block concept. The aim of the urban layout is a sensitive implementation of the new building in the world heritage surrounding, without disregarding the importance of the museum. Therefore the historical layout with its unique alleys is continued with the new setting. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of Irlenbusch von Hantelmann Architekten

In order to achieve an ideal access both from the historical city center and from the river promenade, the ground floor includes a public zone which connects the city with the Donau and invites people into the museum.

model 01

The main idea oft he building is a high level of functionality and diversity for varying exhibition concepts as well as an appearance which is full of character to show its special use. At the same time the building should possess implicitness and put the people and the exhibits in the center of attention.

model 02

The compact volume is divided into five levels: the exhibition areas are located in the upper floors, the main facilities on the ground floor and the technical installation as well as storage space in the basement. The foyer as an open space connecting all exhibition floors is the heart of the museum.

site plan

The permanent exhibition extends over the upper two floors, which are connected with each other through air spaces. The folded roof represents the high-development of  the exhibition and takes reference in its surrounding roof-scape. The three gables could also be read as the three regions of Bavaria.

Architects: Irlenbusch von Hantelmann Architekten
Location: Regensburg,
Technical Equipment: Ingenieurbüro Scheibner
Landscapa: Franziska Heine
Client: City of Regensburg
Area: 15,000m2
Year: 2013
Photographs: Courtesy of Irlenbusch von Hantelmann Architekten

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