The World’s Largest Building Opens in China

  • 07 Jul 2013
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Courtesy of The Telegraph

Although Dubai has held claim to the world’s tallest building for a few years, is now claiming to now have the worlds largest building. Measuring at 500 meters long, 400 meters wide and 100 meters high, the newly constructed Century Global Center in is reportedly capable of housing 20 Sydney Opera Houses in its 1.7 million square meter interior.

Perhaps the center’s most unique of attractions – aside from an abundance of high-end shopping outlets, cinemas, office space, conference centers, two five star hotels, a university complex and a replica Mediterranean village – is a massive artificial beach that is illuminated by a giant screen which mimics the horizon and offers sunrises, sunsets and nautical breezes. Though the nearest real beach is 1000km away, visitors are accommodated with an oceanfront paradise that can provide them with literally anything their heart desires.

“This is an ocean city built by man,” said guide Liu Xun, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. “There will be 1000 rooms (in the hotels) and all will have seaside views.”

More images can bee seen here.

News via, Sydney Morning Herald 

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  • Tommy Kim

    Ugh, why.

  • Pierre


  • yu quntao

    大家可以看看这个《全球最大是怎么来的(第3页更新内外实景) [精华]》

  • Dave

    i bet those money could’ve been invested way better

  • Sergio Marquez

    An artificial beach with artificial breeze and artificial lighting while eating McDonalds after the spray on tan… or maybe in china after getting your skin bleached. Ahhhhh the good life.

  • Tim Forest

    Why would they make something so big, yet so lacking in cultural identity, beauty, creativity, iconic importance, etc.?

  • modulor

    Its so big, it doesent even fit into the rendering..

  • Wei Zhao

    Why people judge China so much? You’ve never been there and what do you know about that Country? Some fraud news by CNN?

    • Ryan Singer

      I’m part Chinese and I understand differently. Chinese are sensitive to criticism, but from what I can tell, people aren’t judging China 24/7. So it’s not really as big of a problem as you might perceive. This building is ugly because where I live we do not value symmetry, nor do many of the european countries for that matter. There is a vast difference in aesthetic preference simply..

    • Dave

      I’ve been working in China for the past 3 years. I know chinese people are very sensitive to criticism, just like eastern europeans and pretty much any emergent economy that feels like it has to prove its place in the world. It’s a compensation mechanism.

      When posting a project here you should expect criticism, both positive and negative. A lot of chinese projects get negative criticism because of the “crushing” effect the silhouette has on the landscape, the inefficient huge size, lack of creativity for both the shape and facade and render style and usually the fact that they seem out of scale. There are also a lot of chinese architects and companies that do great chinese architecture, the only problem is that they work on small scale projects (Wang Shu, Zhang Lei, Wang Fei and many many more).

      Also the cultural environment where neither the client nor the boss are questioned or even presented with alternatives creates dull projects. I know my project ideas were rejected by the boss not because they were bad but because he feared the client wouldn’t like them WITHOUT ever showing them to the client or even asking him. So everyone walks the safe path of grey/light-brown, art-deco or the early ’90s curtain wall facades.

      • Ray Ma

        I cannot agree more

      • rafalmik

        Seems like you’re talking about Poland. I guess it looks the same on the other side of the planet. Especially that part with warm grey, light brown stuff, do what client says, never question… Money is what counts.

    • njatl

      This is the ugliest building in the world.
      Wonder who design this ugly monster!

  • paco

    There are many poor people in China and the government only spends money on making large, iconic buildings… great theaters, great museums, great, great … too bad… What they need to prove?

  • Shaowei Cheng

    I don’t like this building.

  • alex

    Architect working in china for a while…..China is like a porn movie sometimes…………… Size matters.

  • Ralph Kent

    How long before this dog ugly lump of a thing is falling into disrepair? Place your bets please!

    How much of the commercial space is let in there? 5%? When will this shadow banking / unnecessary building as driver of phony GDP come to an end…? Its embarrassing in the 21st century that with all our supposed intelligence humans are still doing dumb things like this.

  • dinoid mathew

    i think the meydan racecourse hotel along with the grandstand is bigger than this building!

  • joanna

    Who’s the Architect of this building?