Purple Hill House / IROJE KHM Architects

© JongOh Kim
© JongOh Kim

Architect : HyoMan Kim – IROJE KHM Architects
Location: Youngin, Gyeounggi-do,
Design team : KyeongJin Jung, JiWon Ym, EunHae Park
Structure designer : MOA. SungYeong Oh
Contractor : JEHYO
Site area : 554 sqm
Bldg. area :  110.28 sqm
Gross floor area : 290.88 sqm
Photographer : JongOh Kim

© JongOh Kim © JongOh Kim © JongOh Kim © JongOh Kim

Suburban residential site

This scenic site is a part of the residential area developed in the natural greenery area of the mountain gwanggyo and that is located at the entrance area to trail to mountain.

Merit = siteplan faced to evergreen mountain=Demerit=Facing not south but northwest=Lack of southern sunlight.

From agony about the direction to which major living space see, the plan of this house started.

site plan
site plan
© JongOh Kim
© JongOh Kim

After all, the direction to the opposite mountain that will be preserved in the natural green space forever was selected.

But this charming selection that introduce the permanent natural landscape brought the problem, bad solar condition, that the major living space is faced to northwest sunlight.

And so, we must make the solution to absorb the southern and eastern sunlight into the inside of the house.

Solution the demerit -“Floating glass garden” absorbed southern sunlight

“Glass box of light” that will absorb the useful sunlight was introduced to inside space of the various level and these boxes which are planted with flower and fruit are functioned as “Floating glass garden”.

© JongOh Kim
© JongOh Kim

Actually, we solved the problem and we own both the two conditions that are the introduction of landscape and ecological environment and naturally, we have been reached to the complex solution that all the rooms have their own garden.

Floating boxes with bamboo garden – Dynamic and vertical sequence of space

The dynamic, unrealistic interior space which are produced with several floating glass boxes over the major living space that is opened to the vertical height of 3 floors, will be the symbolic impression of this house.

© JongOh Kim
© JongOh Kim

Small purple hill – Landscape architecture – Harmonizing with the surrounding context
We expect that this landscape architecture will coexist with the surrounding context for a long time, as if a small purple hill….

Cite: "Purple Hill House / IROJE KHM Architects" 06 Nov 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=39878>
  • theChavacano

    Mmmh, is this is 1993 and this is Culver City?
    Well i like the kitchen

  • Hoon Yoo

    Too much is going on here…
    Too many stories in anywhere in this house….

    • tony

      ya it seems that all of useless and very unnecessary forms create a lot of unresolved spaces and walls.

      …looks like an undergraduate project in which the designer got way in over their head with the aesthetics right before the deadline.

  • leo

    very nice sculpture, but I’m scared to live in there.

  • jeff

    unique design, but does anyone want to live in a house where everything seems to be constantly falling over?

  • Luci

    A house???? You’ve got to be kidding!!!. This is an example of how confused are the “creators” nowadays.

  • okiduki

    I was at Peter Zumthors lecture a week ago. He showed us a house, where he lives and works and by the way he said. This house likes its neighbourhood and does not say “I am better.” OK, you can tell me, there is not only one way to do architecture, but what has the future? This Purple Hill House?

    • мила миелович

      Dear okiduki ! Peter Zumthor … This is a laconicism and a colour nobility . And as for Purple Hill House ,it is too heavyish and mourning outside and too much details -inside. I like Floating Glass Garden -only. Dear okiduki ! Perhaps , you know a lecture schedule of Messir Peter Zumthor in East Europe . My respect to you from Russia .

  • Nick

    Oh noo, noo, noo nooo

  • plots

    there is a lot of talk of site conditions and light being the makeup of this house and then I look at any photograph or drawing and it all goes right out the window. Way too much going on in the interior, I can’t imagine having to live there, and the exterior? Unless the landscape is made up of giant purple triangles I can’t see then I’m still at a loss there as well.

    And the spanning structures? What are those doing? Why that facade material?

    I can see what they were going for in the second photograph if I try real hard but overall this is so poorly executed in response to the concept.

  • Doug

    A truly unsettling hot mess.

    • cantero

      very funny,


      good for halloween

  • Juan Cristobal

    Can somebody get into the web page? 406 Not Acceptable

  • E-J

    i actually quite like it! because the material was kept simple and pure they could add more different forms and “wierdness”. IMO there is still a sort of balance and rest in this design.

    greetings from holland

    • http://www.4site-architecture.com peter

      I agree with you, there is much to like about contemporary Korean architecture of which this is a good example.

  • http://yorik.uncreated.net Yorik

    I liked much this project… It’s true that it is in the line of the nineties Los Angeles projects (Eric Moss etc), specially in the fact that the “crazy” space is confined inside a “traditional” volume shape. but it’s great to see something new in that vein. The main space is really crazy :) I would have liked to see how the spaces with the trees in section 4 and 5 look like…

  • miss purple

    any possibility of seeing some wall construction detail 1:10?

  • miss purple

    construction detail 1:10?

  • http://www.4site-architecture.com peter

    I find it really curious that critique has become so individual and personal with no ability to see architecture as an act of creativity to deliver a service to a third party (the architects client) NOT the whims of fashion and style generated within our own global or otherwise attitudes towards what might or might not be considered good architecture (this and other forum contributers). I ‘personally’ for one say this house seems very spatially interesting and would enjoy the chance to visit.

    • L dog

      thats how everything seems to be nowadays. I think some of the spaces really explore what a “sculpted” house is all about.

      • http://www.4site-architecture.com peter

        maybe it always has been ! just more out there now

    • MacP

      Peter, I agree with your comments on critique. Reminds me of James Adams in his book Conceptual Blockbusting: judging rather than generating ideas, he adds “Bad mouthing everyone else’s concepts is in fact a cheap way to attempt to demonstrate your own mental superiority”. I learn from the constructive comments on this blog. Other comments (the negative one-liners) don’t add anything at all

  • dito

    there are so many beautiful details and sculptural forms in this house…but its like when you mix too many colours together..it just turns brown.

  • Michael Hadida

    This project removes all that is familiar to us in a house. It abandons the warm touch of wood and substitutes an alien purple facade.

    This might pass off as a house, but how can it ever be a home?

  • Fernando Deprit

    Yo como arquitecto no podria vivir en un casa asi. Es dificil su lectura de la vivienda y no me hace sentir la armonía de una de una vivienda , de un hogar, que es de lo qué se trata al final … muy escultural, Mucho dinamismo de composición pero … no nos olvidemos que a parte de la parte estetica y compositiva tenemos siempre que cumplir con mas objetivos importantes.

  • João

    We must remember that the ability of each to inhabit a particular space does not make it good or bad, simply because different people have different abilities to use that space.
    What is good for one is not necessarily good for everyone.

  • João

    Phrases like “I could not live in this space” have as much meaning as “I think this is ugly”, and have no more value told by an architect, a lawyer or a farmer

    • http://www.4site-architecture.com peter

      totally agree

    • anavic

      Saying “I could not live in this space” is far from “I think this is ugly”. The only thing both have in common is that both are opinions, that’s it, and if we can’t express our opinions because they are useless of whatever you wanted to say, let’s close this blog. Included you.

      I agree with you that what is good for one is not necessarily good for everyone, everytime I say that “I couldn’t live in a place like that” I also say: “I guess is what the client asked for and I understand that another person would like it”.

      But you have to understand one thing: houses are made to people, and if a lot of people here thinks this house is uncomfortable and a little bit alien.

      By the way, yes, I think a famer of a little village could fix it better than an architect, he just need to think about living there and say what he wants and what he doesn’t want.

  • http://www.sunflowerdesigns.hu/ Andrew Geber

    im not sure about the concrete kitchen surfaces..

    • http://www.4site-architecture.com peter

      ?? hmmm!!

  • harry

    It’s a house, not a home

    • anavic

      I think you’re wrong.

      Maybe it’s not supposed to be a home now because a home is made by it’s owners, but architects are supposed to give some special features to make a simple building a place to be able to live in. A house is not just a building, it’s not just for walls and a roof.

  • Fernando Deprit

    Estoy de acuerdo con todo lo que ha dicho Joao…sin embargo sigo opinando como profesional del disegno de vivendas que hay caracteres o ecuacion de relaciones entre funcionalidad-economia y disegno que deberian siempre encontrarse con una cierta armonia en un proyecto. Esta casa en mi opinion libre (y para eso existe este foro) no resuelve la ecuacion…pero no se, a lo mejor algun pastor de tu pueblo podria resolver este enigma mas facilmente…

  • luiz

    nice design. a lot of information, kind of confused. I would not like to live in a place like this, but maybe someone does. anyway, I like it.

  • abe

    Welcome to Disney house.

  • http://www.padovani.fr maurice

    sorry for language, I’m French (so what?). this is neither house nor home, only scary building. Is it real, or is it for a movie, like new “Psycho”?

  • YourMOMslover

    75% of you posters aren’t even working or licensed- so hate on haters and keep drinking that EXTRA CHERRY RED HATERADE…..as for contemporary architecture….its been a long time coming in terms of recognition—BIG UP!

    • YourMOMslover

      for South Korea that is…

  • srikanth reddy

    one thing i dont understand of all this is..why should ones day to day life be so complicated…i mean any one who occupies this house will be amazed for say 6 months …1 year . by then he will be quite femiliar with each and every corner of the house…so no more moments of getting amazed .. in this case he lives in a proper box or he lives in a messed up concrete makes no difference ..caz he dosent give a damn bout wats arround him …caz its all known and he is been living in it every day ……… so is this all for that 1 year of amezement …. why cannot living spaces be simple…

    do it for a restaurent , pub, art spaces this might stand good caz ppl dont spend much time there so the form leaves some mysterious image of itself in the viewer…wat is this nonsence ….

    grow up ppl …its time to think

  • http://www.4site-architecture.com peter

    A comment for all,

    In ‘my’ opinion, one of the biggest issues and joys of life are peoples differences of opinions, lifestyles, cultural backgrounds etc so to this end it is a shame we as part of a greater society still can not afford the generosity to cellabrate anothers achievments whilst still offering inquisitive critique through questions that might both inform our own views/attitudes as well as the authors ideas….just a thought.