Fate Uncertain for Miami Beach Convention Center

  • 05 Jul 2013
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OMA, BIG and their partnering developers have until later today to decide whether they want to alter their plans for the Convention Center or walk away from the competition entirely.

The city was supposed to choose between OMA’s or BIG’s proposals, which have been in the pipeline for months, in the next few weeks. However, according to the World Property Channel, the city has now – in a disappointing turn of events – decided that the $1.1 billion project should be radically downsized by removing the residential units and cutting down retail space.

It’s a reversal that will, in the words of Kevin Brass in his must-read opinion piece, remove ”the opportunity for creativity and vision. Taking out the ambition won’t make it a better project, only a smaller project. Miami Beach is providing a textbook example of how not to create a great urban space.”

Story via World Property Channel

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  • archi

    “Taking out the ambition won’t make it a better project, only a smaller project”. It shouldn’t make it a worse project either, if the architects are good enough.

  • Ken Sandlin

    This is disgusting! I’m incensed that this idiot bureaucrat Jimmy Morales would, at this 11th hour and after an incredible amount of time and energy spent by all parties and multiple revisions and reviews, demand to completely change the entire scope and intent!!!

    ARRGGHHH this is such a blaring example of how tyrannical politicians completely derail and dominate business decision making leading to the worst possible outcomes and delaying intense market demand.