Watertower of Living / Zecc Architecten


Architect: Zecc Architecten
Location: Soest,
Project Architects: Marnix van der Meer, Rolf Bruggink
Collaborators: Tara Steenvoorden, Niek Wagemans
Contractor: Aannemingsbedrijf R. Middelkoop
Project year: 2004

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The water tower, which dates from 1931, was converted into an unparalled twenty-first-century home spread over nine levels. Many challenges are faced in the design: letting more daylight in and strengthening the relationship with the back courtyard by inserting a three-level high window frame; maintaining the interior’s industrial characteristics by working with materials like steel, concrete and glass; and in the tower, ensuring an effective, efficient layout for several small round rooms that lay one on top of the other, while preserving the tower’s spaciousness.


Cite: Saieh, Nico. "Watertower of Living / Zecc Architecten" 07 Nov 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=39776>
  • Rhodgers

    What an innovative, unique yet modest project this is. CRAQUER.

  • Thomas

    Yes indeed, I love it too. Would love to see it in real life

  • Doug

    Very fun. And to put the bathroom beneath the former tank, nice touch. Too bad they didn’t have the shower spray coming out of one of the former pipes from the tank. Regardless, very nicely executed.

  • Gorgos

    What are the dimensions of each floor?

    No elevator?

  • kamran


  • http://www.notreloft.com Freg

    Amazing !

  • Piet

    Watertowr in Slovakia /EU/, Bratislava – Atelier BKPS architekti

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  • jons

    seen a few analogues in the uk, just in those cases the watertowers were of a smaller size. It does look nice and they idea of living in a water tower is quite attractive but still guys – 9 levels and no elevator?

  • Wargo

    Go upstair and downstairs 9 levels every day is funny.

  • leogar

    Living in this nice place will keep people in shape!!!

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  • João

    where is the kitchen???

  • luiz

    my knees started to hurt…

  • http://designplaygrounds.com Rodrigo Medina

    Very cool and fun idea of reusing the space i like it !!!!

  • weird

    9 levels only upstairs: down is by rope!

  • ll

    I second Joao………..where is the kitchen??!

    • Gorgos

      Keuken = Kitchen -> Groundfloor

  • http://oscarfalcon.tumblr.com oscar falcón lara

    Very Cool Adaptation… it would be neat to live in a water tower like this one. Great!

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  • tim

    ..but a weird place for a bed

  • http://www.zecc.nl Zecc Architecten

    Thanks for all the compliments. The tower is about 6 meters from the one side to the other. Not really big though. Not a lot of space you can imagine to put an elevator and stairs are necessary for fire emergency… We tried to order the program so that you don’t have to walk the stairs that much. Kitchen ground floor because groceries. Sleeping all the way up for the parents so they. They have their own space up their for the evenings.

    You can also visit: http://www.zecc.nl/Projecten/Herbestemming_wonen_werken/project/27/Converted_watertower_into_a_residence_Soest,_the_Netherlands?projectSection=1&photo=1

    Best regards,
    The Zecc Family!

  • Miss Barbara Lyn Arnholt

    {continued from previous email} There is still more work to be done before I send you the artwork, blueprints and building instructions and material list. Once you have looked everything over, we could talk about what considers you have such as how this will be paid for. The amount of money you want in good faith, upfront. All import and export considers. In other words all the business at hand. This investment will bring much needed business into the area. I am looking forward to your email. Thank you. Sincerely; Miss Barbara Lyn Arnholt