Bracket 2: Goes Soft

From the Publisher. Bracket 2 examines physical and virtual soft systems, as they pertain to infrastructure, ecologies, landscapes, environments, and networks. In an era of declared crises—economic, ecological and climatic, amongst others—the notion of soft systems has gained increasing traction as a counterpoint to permanent, static and hard systems. Acknowledging fluid and indeterminate situations with complex feedback loops that allow for reaction and adaption, the possibility of soft systems has re-entered the domain of design. Bracket 2 critically positions and defines soft systems through 27 projects and 12 articles. From soft politics, soft power and soft spaces to fluid territories, software and soft programming, Bracket 2 unpacks the use and role of responsive, indeterminate, flexible, and immaterial systems in design.

Publisher: ACTAR , InfraNet Lab
Editors: Neeraj Bhatia , Lola Sheppard
Language: English
Format: 20 x 27 cm (Soft Cover)
Illustrations: Color and duotone
Pages: 284
ISBN: 978-84-15391-02-9

Cite: Diego Hernández. "Bracket 2: Goes Soft" 29 Jun 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>