Yale Abandons, Re-locates Vlock Building Project

Courtesy of Yale Building Project

Every year, students at Yale design and build a single-family home in a low-income neighborhood. Called the Vlock Building Project, it’s one of the longest-standing and most admired public-interest design-build programs in the US. Unfortunately, it’s under threat. A/N reports professor Paul Brouard was assaulted and robbed on-site in Mid-May (he has since recovered). Despite the desires of dept. head Robert A.M. Stern, Yale University demanded the project be abandoned and re-located to an approved neighborhood. Did Yale make the right decision? Let us know what you think after the break.

Cite: Quirk, Vanessa. "Yale Abandons, Re-locates Vlock Building Project" 26 Jun 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 28 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=394151>
  • Tommy Kim

    There’s plenty of neighbourhoods that could use good architecture.

  • Mark

    “Did Yale make the right decision?” What choice did they have? The School and the Dean were adamant about staying the course and finishing the job, but the University gave an executive order that they needed to find a new site. I’m sure “82-year old professor emeritus mugged at Yale Building Project site” does not read well with donors.

    Props to the students though – heard they found a new site, modified the design, and started construction right away without missing a beat.

  • Jeff

    It was only a matter of time before somebody was victimized and it is actually a miracle it hasn’t happened sooner. Threats have been taking place for many years now. Of course the university made the correct decision.

  • John

    There is not enough information in this story to make an assessment about Yale’s decision. Is the Vlock program respected in the neighborhoods in which it works? Was the professor on a scouting trip? Had the project been announced? Was the neighborhood supportive of this particular house site? Had the work started? Is there any proof that the mugging was related to the project or just an unfortunate incident?