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BTEK - Technology Interpretation Center / ACXT

  • 01:00 - 1 November, 2009
BTEK - Technology Interpretation Center / ACXT
BTEK - Technology Interpretation Center / ACXT, © Aitor Ortiz
© Aitor Ortiz

© Aitor Ortiz © Aitor Ortiz © Aitor Ortiz © Aitor Ortiz +36

  • Location

    Derio, Bizkaia, Spain
  • Architects

  • Project Architect

    Gonzalo Carro
  • Project Development

    Gonzalo Carro & ATHOS (Pedro Berroya, Aitziber Goikoetxea)
  • Collaborators

    Carlos Miguel Guimaraes & Javier Pérez Uribarri
  • Structure

    Javier Eskubi, Amaia Oyón, Ángel Gómez
  • Area

    2600.0 sqm
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

From the architect. BTEK is an interpretation centre for new technologies, aimed at student visitors.

The Centre’s promoter, Parque Tecnológico, S.A., (Technology Park) set out the following as the most important guidelines:

Create a very flexible and varied exhibition space, able to accommodate all types of exhibitions.

© Aitor Ortiz
© Aitor Ortiz

Installations should be highly energy efficient (geothermal systems for climate control) and that use renewable energy sources (a building-integrated photovoltaic system connected to a 60kw network).

The geometry of the covering where the solar panels are integrated should be triangular—similar to the shape of Technology Park’s logo.

© Aitor Ortiz
© Aitor Ortiz

The site’s location, on one of the highest points of the Vizcaya Technology Park and close to the Bilbao airport’s flight path for takeoffs and landings, helps with the aim of making the building a landmark in its landscape.

© Aitor Ortiz
© Aitor Ortiz
Location to be used only as a reference. It could indicate city/country but not exact address. Cite: "BTEK - Technology Interpretation Center / ACXT" 01 Nov 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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ruo ya · April 02, 2012

Only detached Technology,the sharp structure looks not abrupt

Jasem Nadoum · March 29, 2012

BTEK – Technology Interpretation Center / ACXT | ArchDaily via @archdaily

Kathe Del Castillo · February 10, 2012

BTEK – Technology Interpretation Center / ACXT | ArchDaily via @archdaily

simina ioana · January 29, 2012

BTEK – Technology Interpretation Center / ACXT | ArchDaily via @archdaily

Jane Misun Shim · November 05, 2011

BTEK – Technology Interpretation Center / ACXT | ArchDaily via @archdaily

David Faulkner · November 05, 2011

Very Nice, green -
BTEK – Technology Interpretation Center

Carla Kissler · November 26, 2010

BTEK, 1r Premio Ilum. Exterior Arquitectónica de PREMIOS LAMP &#3910

enrico gaggia · November 26, 2010

BTEK – Technology Interpretation Center en ARCHDAILY.1º Premio Architectural Exterior Lighting 2010

enrique · November 06, 2010

Very Cool! This project won the Lamp Lighting Solutions 2010 in the category of Architectural Lighting!

???(??) · November 03, 2010

BTEK – Technology Interpretation Center / ACXT | ArchDaily via @archdaily

J.Dulguun · May 17, 2010

Great work!!!

Rebeca · April 07, 2010

Es un edificio muy interesante, espléndida integración al paisaje. FELICIDADES!!!

Prem Narayan · April 06, 2010

Trabajo muy cerca de este edificio….. es incrible!! Los días de niebla, cuando vas por la carretera y ves la punta que parece un barco se te ponen los pelos de punta. !!Quiero entrar!!

very nice

zeez · March 09, 2010

interesting !!

mak · March 04, 2010

really great work... but i just wonder how he plans of solving those weird angles

beatriz · March 04, 2010

Es un edificio digno de ver, merece la pena ir a visitarlo. Es impresionante!

Kiki Kurnia · February 25, 2010

...yes its very got the building authority, green, cool...n suitable with the building function...good !

jose · February 24, 2010

muy bueno

Sarah · February 18, 2010

Wow!! Incredible space!!..... fantastic building

Ainhoa garmendia · February 18, 2010

Trabajo muy cerca de este edificio..... es incrible!! Los días de niebla, cuando vas por la carretera y ves la punta que parece un barco se te ponen los pelos de punta. !!Quiero entrar!!

jose manuel vesga · February 18, 2010

testimonio para la posteridad

jose Manuel Vesga · February 17, 2010

Acertada simbiosis entre un diseño vanguardista y un entorno natural

andrew · February 16, 2010

Lets be realistic here. It's a very impractical building. It doesn't look like it fits many and it doesn't look student- orient. sure it has an appealing look to it, but just because it has a solar panel definitely doesn't make it the educational poster building of the year. We want our building to fit the standards and this one only *appears to.

John · February 18, 2010 07:30 PM

amazing comment .... I do not understand. Is cultural category!!

natasha · February 16, 2010

i dont like it :(

Sutzarra · February 16, 2010

Great building!!!

luchia · February 14, 2010

idk it kinda looks like a golf course...

stephen · February 14, 2010 about we vote for something that's ACTUALLY BEEN BUILT.

EKOPRIEKS · February 06, 2010

Es balsotu par šo ?ku gada balvai

yunusemrekara · February 04, 2010

i couldn't read the project!
in real life, the building is looking fantastic, it's ok but the presentation failed. well, i think this is the point of the point when you put your project in a website like archdaily.
where is the section lines on the site plan? i can easily understand the the space but i can't notice the location of the spaces clearly. i don't know maybe this is a presentation decision that was taken.
however in my opinion, it looks like a student project because of the choosen tecnique of presentation.
And also, the dark coloured material of the covering is standing massively on the paysage, but the green coloured roof covering material is not a good choice. it's annoying the eye because of the little colour difference with the nature. I think it's colour should have chosen a contrast one. the sense of the space at the inside of the building must be unique. glossy white, hmm. i'm not sure about that. :)

jay.? · May 11, 2010 08:54 AM

yes?i agree with your opinions ?a great building not only basing on its
shape?but more importantly?is the environment?

Kerem · February 03, 2010
aybige tek · January 26, 2010

looking sharp you guys

barby omodei · January 25, 2010

#arch #arq #eco via @Arquitecturatv

Barby Omodei · January 25, 2010

#arch #arq #eco via @Arquitecturatv

Luis · January 24, 2010

Felicidades por esta magnífica obra y suerte

Saharnaz · November 26, 2009


Arquipablo · November 20, 2009

reminds me superman II movie....

Jonathan Miller, AIA · November 04, 2009

What is so environmentally 'green' about cut grass except the color?
PV is good but there is no mention of daylighting design to reduce artificial lighting loads.
Nor was there mention of a passive solar approach or of superinsulation.
This article is mostly eye candy with little understanding of 'green'.

Also... is this architecture or is it sculpture?
To me this is a nice spatial sculpture but not quite architecture.

Andrea · February 24, 2010 01:52 AM

The green is the real green of the nature of our country and is as real as the buildinding and its spaces.

M.T.Escalas · November 04, 2009

Congratulations! this caid of buidings can change the earth...

Yorik · November 03, 2009

Excellent... It makes me think to François Roche, because it tries to make part of the landscape, but with a completely different concept. Great job!

temple · November 03, 2009

brilllliant!!!! :)

Peter Driessen · November 03, 2009

Sjek wat een strak vloertje... meubilair is niet nodig #architecture

z99 · November 03, 2009

the design is executed well, but it's a bit scary looking

joe signorelli · November 03, 2009

Some fine work in Spain. Muy good. RT @archdaily BTEK – Technology Interpretation Center / ACXT

frank Wilson · November 03, 2009

I am glad to see a new language getting new interpretations. Very representative of space anf time. Unbelievable texture, composition and perspective

Tim · November 03, 2009

Incredible interior spaces! Wow, I would love to experience that building. So vast and bright.

Susan Cohan · November 03, 2009

This is kind of cool.

Yoav Ickowicz · November 02, 2009

BTEK – Technology Interpretation Center / ACXT:

dearxh · November 02, 2009

Nice! However can be better actually.

Jason · November 03, 2009 05:28 AM

Haha, I love this comment.

yuliya · November 02, 2009


Sun · November 02, 2009

nice logic

GHB · November 02, 2009

Amazing, I love the way the interior space feels like you're in an underground abstracted cavern, weighted and heavy

azhar · November 02, 2009

Fantastic...really cool to see a reality (rather than renderings) well looks somehow done with ease (which is a compliment)

thomas foral · November 02, 2009

BTEK – Technology Interpretation Center / ACXT | ArchDaily -

the uninformed observer · November 02, 2009

God that's beautiful.

Henry · November 02, 2009

amazing, great comment on the landscape, very sculptural

arhitectura · November 02, 2009

BTEK – Technology Interpretation Center / ACXT: © Aitor Ortiz Architects: ACXT Location: Derio, Bizkaia, Spain ..

Doud · November 02, 2009

love it!.. :)

robert · November 01, 2009

ha ha ..I'm working at something similar for a college project, it's great to see how this kind of buildings looks in real world:)...I think the structure of this one its a little amiguous but overall it's a nice project

Andrew Geber · November 01, 2009

interpretation indeed

shreyank · November 01, 2009



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© Aitor Ortiz

BTEK - 科技讲解中心 / ACXT