World Village of Women Sports / BIG

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BIG, in collaboration with AKT, Tyréns and Transsolar, just won the competition for the World Village of Women Sports in Malmo, , a 100.000sqm complex for research, education and training of women’s sports.

Rather than a program organized around a sports arena disconnected from the city, the project becomes a town inside a town, offering rich public spaces as you can see on the renderings.

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The central space of the village offers a large area for public gathering, which can host professional football matches, concerts, conferences, exhibitions and flea markets. Around this space we find a series of sloped buildings, which reduce the visual impact of the complex to the adjacent neighborhood.

Between these buildings we find a pedestrian network around the main sports hall which plugs into the surrounding street networks as well as the interior galleries of Kronprinsen, turning it into a complete ecosystem of urban life.

More images and drawings after the break.

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TYPE: Invited Competition
CLIENT: H-Hagen Fastighets AB
COLLABORATORS: AKT, Tyréns, Transsolar
SIZE: 100.000 M2
LOCATION: Malmo, Sweden
STATUS: 1st Prize

Partner-in-Charge: Bjarke Ingels
Project Leader: Nanna Gyldholm Moller
Team: Gabrielle Nadeau, Daniel Sundlin, Jonas Barre, Nicklas Antoni Rasch, Jin Kyung Park, Fan Zhang, Steve Huang, Flavien Menu, Ken Aoki

Cite: Basulto, David. "World Village of Women Sports / BIG" 27 Oct 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <>
  • erik

    I’ll be the first one to say:


  • rodrigo bocater

    montain dwellings + UM houses = new BIG project

    and it stills great. i hope so

  • Dan

    nice! but the diagrams aren’t as descriptive as most BIG projects. They always give reason to the shapes so this isn’t as strong. It’s almost as if the diagrams were created to fit the project (which im sure BIG never does! haha)

  • YES

    ..some hahaha and that s all. lunapark!

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  • DiaphanousAbyss

    wow, I guess I’m officially done with BIG– how many shards, triangular balconies, and courtyard buildings can you do?

    Learn from your buddy Ramus– He keeps it fresh!!!

    • antonia

      I agree! If “Ramus” is insiders code for REX-NY.

  • jeff

    nice, but reminds me of Crater city project by French architect Chaneac designed in the 1960′s-1970′s also similar to Quartier les Poetes that is due to be demolished in Pierrefitte sur Seine, north of Paris

  • blackstone

    sorry. not sold here. take away all the brightly colored “growies” in the perspectives and and i’m afraid the reality would be a not very nice urban space.

  • Sissie

    do u guys really think it to be nice?i can’t see any thing creative and talented in it………….not to mention the nice part……

  • laar

    BIG is one of the best salespersons in our industry. However, I don’t appreciate their design as much as their marketing strategy. They just repeat some similar ideas again and again.

    • kn

      Think BIG is not making an artwork, but ideas which would be evoluted in another context. This idea itself is already creative,isnt it??

    • james


    • Ronen Bekerman

      Repeat? let see… Zaha Hadid, Frank O Garry, Richard Meier, Daniel Libeskind… should i go on? Every architect has some kind of repeat of some sort…

      Some may say it is reusing of the same idea, to save time and make more money – others might think of it as the will to further explore and improve on an idea. After all an ideal idea should work for all kinds of projects so why not look the same?

      Moshe safdie’s habitat 67 concept comes to mind, he did some versions of it even if not all built too. it was a part of his dwelling thesis that came to live and further explored.

  • james

    if only the world can be reduced to dumb diagram

  • eb

    They look like some cheesy resorts in Cancun. I would leave pyramid-like shapes to the ancient egyptians.

  • me

    i know how u feel

  • Ronen Bekerman

    Well, I love it! Shards or not it is very interesting and offers some unique spaces in and out. I also love the way the explain it all with a set of simple diagrams.

  • james webb

    forget about the architecture – imagine the users of this place! i could easily hang around there all day.

    • mike

      Hehe..I was waiting for a comment like this…and I totally agree :-D

  • Zack

    The negative space created by this complex is very feminine.Both in elevation and in plan. Very appropriate for a building designed for women.

    Not to get too pop culture on you, but it reminds me of the void between Jesus and Mary Magdeline in the Last Supper. DaVinci Code says what? This project gives me a BIG one.

  • pundy

    freaky stuff.

  • zigwin

    I’ll have to agree with previous comments concerning the diagrams: seems sought.

    In addition to that: Pink triangles! Are your freeking kidding me?

  • Elver Gun

    I think its time for these guys to search for other Great Ideas…enough of the same thing, but I still like it.

  • hunter

    in 2009 a complex for women sport???
    what would change the organisation and architecture if it was not for women but for men or mixed? what a commision is this?

  • panza

    Looks like women’s vagina especially from the top. even thought creates it nice public space

  • dneus

    The ubiquitous diagrams produced by architects BIG are reminiscent of instructions for folding paper-planes. The effect is to make the process seem self-evident, reducing architecture to a linear progression resulting in a single, inevitable outcome. This approach belies the inevitable alinearities of consultation, budget, design development etc. Not to mention the flux of stylistic trends and interpretation!

  • T.O.O.M.U.C.H.

    Yes is More? – Maybe, but BIG is TOOMUCH.

  • Tosh

    Yes,but no.

    Looks too logical. The public spaces might end up being ok (not full of people at any point), but the private ones are completely dominated by the public ones – probably will end up being really squashed by the ambitious external forms of the building.

  • Alia

    The concept is well developed

    I liked the design. but since i come from a very hot climate country (the UAE), i cant imagine a building with this amount of glass used in it !!.
    But in general it looks great

  • pampurce

    ….they are becoming more and more BorInG


    Reading: "World Village of Women Sports / BIG | ArchDaily"( )

  • http://- satish shah

    design to fit the location but not in details schematic say sketches only