Pool Pavilion / GLUCK+

  • 14 Jun 2013
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© Paul Warchol

Architects: GLUCK+
Location: Lake George, , USA
Project Team: Shannon Bambenek, Richard Bednarczyk, John D’Agnone, Peter L. Gluck, Charlie Kaplan, Eric Schaefer, Robert Wall, Douglas Weibel
Year: 2009
Photographs: Paul Warchol, Amy Barkow, Erik Freeland

Civil Engineering: Dente Engineering
Mep And Environmental Engineer: IBC Engineering Services, Inc
Lighting: Lux Populi

© Paul Warchol

Conceived as a ‘rift’ in the landscape this recreational structure is less building than it is landform; an elongated span of grass, stone and glass that unites previously disparate elements of the site. This landscape rift is stretched, carved, and folded to house a complex program of indoor and outdoor recreation including a lap pool, spa, sauna, outdoor play fields, terraces, theatre, and gym. The office, a two story copper-clad structure, the sole vertical element of the building, rises up to create a solitary marker in the landscape.

© Paul Warchol

The exterior materials reflect the natural feel and texture of the site: locally quarried bluestone walls are an extension of the Adirondack geology; the copper cladding’s patina ages and reflects its surroundings; and the green roof changes color to mirror the changing landscape.

© Erik Freeland

An integrated environmental strategy weaves formal concerns with responsible building solutions. Massive overhangs protect from direct solar heating; inverted planes of the white fabric ceiling to disperse light in every direction to maximize day-lighting; sod roofs and buried program space create thermal mass to reduce heat exchange and the intensive green roof provides additional insulation, reduces storm water runoff and creates additional occupiable green spaces.

© Paul Warchol

The experience of the pool pavilion and its adjoining spaces suggest alternative ways of both viewing and participating in the Adirondack Landscape.

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  • Croco Dile

    Very nice !

  • Alvin Earl Lasala

    Ain’t fresh enough concept of green architecture but has a very good intention of providing a space mimicking the natural scene of water below the land. I hope there’s a lot more to offer out from this :)

  • Alvin Earl Lasala

    It’s like mimicking the idea of a natural scene of water below the landforms though at this time there’s air between them. Bathing will be very good in here..hehehe

  • angel opiaza

    it’s so nice. ^^ i like it!

  • Scott Sholar

    Good ole usa handrailings. Do enjoy the project though.

  • Seth callander

    Though the building has merit, it is placed in the middle of one of the cleanest, most beautiful large lake in America. The idea that you should want such a thing as a swimming resort (for oneself) next to it is, how can I possibly put this nicely? Absurd.