Mernda Education Suite / Supple Design


Architect: Supple Design / Eoghan Lewis
Location: Mernda, Victoria,
Client: Stockland Property Trust
Structural consultant: HKMA—Phil Mance
Site area: 850 sqm
Floor area: 130 sqm
Design year: 2006
Construction year: 2007
Photographs: Shannon McGrath, Eoghan Lewis

SuppleDesign_Mernda-3 SuppleDesign_Mernda-6 SuppleDesign_Mernda-8 SuppleDesign_Mernda-9

This project is a development of the precast construction system we developed for the Macarthur Gardens Education and Display Suite in NSW. Like its predecessor, this building is temporary, moveable & re-erectable.

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section 01


The challenge was to adapt the system to a quite different context (temperature range, orientation, prevailing winds), accommodate new requirements whilst developing and testing the system’s robustness and adaptability. So far so good!

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    A future home should be in the path are, for example as Mernda Education Suite home by Supple Design. the neighborhood in the garden filled with beautiful

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    Shame about the terrible houses built around the education suite, absolute eye sores

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