Nok Sung Hun / IROJE KHM Architects


Architect: HyoMan Kim – IROJE KHM Architects
Location: GuMiDong, BunDang, SungNam,
Project Manager: SuMi Jeong
Site area: 608 sqm
Bldg. area: 273 sqm
Gross floor area: 330 sqm
Photographer: JongOh Kim


Because of contact with the nature and city, this site is the place where enjoy the sweet smell of the nature and pleasant sound of the nature and the convenience of the city.

This house is consisted of two masses, one is main house and the other is guesthouse which is to be the representative image of this house.

first floor plan

The cozy outdoor space between the two masses and dynamic space of main garden interact through the open framed wall which function as picturesque frame and landscape formative element.

Several open framed walls made of zinc-plate and wood panel make the dramatic inner space of this house with the character of that walls, semi-closed or semi-opened…

As using the same materials inside and outside of the house, we got the spreading space with vague border between in and outside of this house.


Mountains by the rear-side and the context of surrounding condition of the site made the form of this house to the various composition of inclined metal roofs which are spread dynamic and horizontally.

The name of this house, NOKsSUNGHUN, means ‘The house to think the future of life with hearing the sound of nature’.

Cite: "Nok Sung Hun / IROJE KHM Architects" 18 Oct 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 26 May 2015. <>
  • leo

    very dynamic modern house that still manages to look homey. Very nice!!

  • C R U X F L U X

    A common patio-house covered with a very expensive gift wrap
    I was impressed to see such orthogonal planes after a few pictures very dynamic..

    On the other hand;Maintaining the same material inside and out is a good recourse..

  • dwi wahyono

    Very complete for a Korean traditional house design

  • anavic

    for me not “common” at all. I rather this kind of house than a house that is so “uncommon” that doesn’t seem like a house. People barely change their way of living, but architects are changing the way they design each day. Maybe the best solution for innovation is to keep with our comfortable “common” houses with really impressive gift wraps.

    It’s just an opinion.

  • R. Márquez

    Great design, dynamic colors and textures, and i think this architects play good with the principies of the forms.

  • panamArq

    homey?? it looks very disturbing to me and not simple enough for a home. Nice materials but used in a harsh way

  • Maria-Louiza Laopodi

    It is simple, yet complicated in the way it reacts and blends in with the environment and the surrounding. Very nice!

  • Sandra Jarvis

    WOW, incredible. LOVE IT, love it, LOVE IT!

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  • karishma

    hey whom ws this bunglow made for?? n who were the architect??

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