V23K18 / Pasel.Kuenzel

© Marcel van der Burg
© Marcel van der Burg

Architects: Pasel.Kuenzel Architects
Location: Leiden,
Project Area: 130 sqm building + 60 sqm garden
Project year: 2005-2009
Photographer: Marcel van der Burg

© Marcel van der Burg © Marcel van der Burg © Marcel van der Burg © Marcel van der Burg

Design for a private house in an urban master plan by MVRDV.

01 ground floor plan
01 ground floor plan
© Marcel van der Burg
© Marcel van der Burg

As the plot does not allow for traditional front or back gardens, the design incorporates open-air spaces within the build structure. The open floor plan with its voids generates exciting views inside the volume and enhances the relation between inside and outside spaces. As the wooden facade is vertically extended, the roof provides a hidden garden with a maximum of privacy.

Cite: "V23K18 / Pasel.Kuenzel" 17 Oct 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=37979>
  • Zoki

    Beautiful…. for now. I’d hate to be the one in charge of maintenance.

    • Gorgos

      Its cold and wet Holland, not sunny and dry Greece or California. Chances are this wood can last a life time with just adding a protective layer every 6/7 years.

      • Zoki

        I hope you’re right. I’m in cold/wet Vancouver. A lifetime here would be a short one… Every 6/7 years, you have to put a protective coat by hand on the entire building…

      • Gorgos

        Found it: http://www.archdaily.com/36737/house-bierings-rocha-tombal-architecten/

        I think with this project your point is much more valid.
        Of course I agree with you that this has more maintanance then a white stucco surface.

  • Gorgos

    The building is well detailed and beautiful on itself. Apart from that it also does justice to the street by being on the corner position (the way the wood connects on the corner,the way the windows overlap on both sides of the streets and the abstract wood lines which give the appearance of a volume also on terrace level).

  • http://www.coutureglass.com Jennifer Wichard

    I really like the details, especially the exterior. Very nice job.

  • http://www.topinteriordesigning.com dwi wahyono

    Perfect design to interior and exterior home

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  • VW

    very nice – I think that even with even with refinishing ever 6-7 years that this is going to be a maintenance nightmare.

  • Tuf-Pak

    Really nice project for the site. I think all the worry about maintenance is overblown.

    Plus it’s got a “Slaapkamer”, a “Ventialatierooster Garage”, and a “Woonkamer”. God I love Dutch!

  • hj

    don’t know what everybody is whining about the maintenance for the wood, do you think they build this when each individual piece had to be treated every 6/7 years. It’s supposed to be untreated and age into a slight greyish brown overtime. very nice project, love the shiny metal of the frames around the windows; great contrast with the wood. nice to see they built here after winning the competition.

  • guido

    tenia que ser holandes

  • http://www.robertmoonen.nl Robert

    I’m the owner of this house. The larix wood is specially treated to last at least twenty years without maintenance. Like hj says it will become more grayish over the years, but not everywhere the same because the rain and sun will be different on different parts of the house.