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Air Traffic Control Centre / SADAR + VUGA Architects

Sadar Vuga Architects have shared with us their design for the air traffic control centre for the Brnik Airport in Slovenia. The centre is conceived so as to provide security and enable high operativeness, 24-hour work comfort as well as comfort for the employees and visitors to the Centre. Furthermore, the Centre is designed according to all strict requirements of safety, operation and efficient functioning, but it is also envisaged as a special, memorable and symbolic building of the arrival in Slovenia.

The Centre is designed as a compact shell that uncloses where natural lighting is needed in the interior. The compact building with a pentagonal ‘head’ of the Centre, which is tied to two administration ‘wings’ by the vertical hall in the central area of the Centre, is situated, for safety reasons, in the centre of a plot along the central boulevard of the future Airport City. The Centre is separated from the edge of the plot in the north by a parking platform and in the south by the tall greenery of the Centre’s garden. The Centre’s interior is organized into zones of various safety degrees. The more we move from the perimeter with administration offices and resting areas towards the free centre of the building, the higher the safety level.

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