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  5. asensio_mah + J.M.Aguirre Aldaz
  6. 2009
  7. Q House / asensio_mah + J.M.Aguirre Aldaz

Q House / asensio_mah + J.M.Aguirre Aldaz

  • 01:00 - 9 October, 2009
Q House / asensio_mah + J.M.Aguirre Aldaz
Q House / asensio_mah + J.M.Aguirre Aldaz

Q House / asensio_mah + J.M.Aguirre Aldaz Q House / asensio_mah + J.M.Aguirre Aldaz Q House / asensio_mah + J.M.Aguirre Aldaz Q House / asensio_mah + J.M.Aguirre Aldaz +17

  • Architects

  • Location

  • Architects

    asensio_mah & J.M.Aguirre Aldaz
  • Project Team

    Diego Repiso, Jennifer Chuong, Kaizen Chen, Jon Aguirre
  • Structure

    Egitur S.L
  • Construction Managment

    In collaboration with Satie Arquitectos S.L.
  • Project Year


From the architect. The house is a conscious exercise in developing an alternative domestic environment to the surrounding villas of the new suburban neighborhood. The solutions for the development so far have typically been compact villas located on abruptly leveled gardens, irrespective of the complex topographical condition of their sites. Our ambition for producing an alternative domestic atmosphere is developed by constructing a more explicit relationship between the house and garden with the existing conditions of the steep site.

This organizational strategy for the house sought to register the difference in topography within the parcel by organizing a series of terraces that configure the framework for a landscape with differentiated characters. This deliberate geometric configuration affords multiple readings of the outline of the house while facilitating a rich experiential lifestyle within its volume and landscape. Specific organizational and material strategies were developed to produce different volumetric and perceptual readings that change with the different vantage points towards and within the house.

The building is organized in three bands that are arranged around a central circulation core. These three bands maintain a prevailing orientation in the northeast-southwest direction to secure maximum daylight in every room. While the bands configure and organize the different rooms, the circulation core underpins a switchback pattern of shifting orientations with the gradual vertical movement through the house.

The house is clad in dark “composite” panels that have been customized with digital fabrication techniques. These customized panels are used to articulate sections of the house volume in order to introduce legibility to the overall form. These panels offer a range of different surface consistencies and patterns to the house that reflect the sites changing light conditions in multiple ways, producing an ever changing range of texture and tones.

Cite: "Q House / asensio_mah + J.M.Aguirre Aldaz" 09 Oct 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Saulinho · November 30, 2009

I love this project!
Been doin' a moke up of it formy studies.

During works, made a funny video about it.

paco · November 14, 2009


harry · October 11, 2009

very nice design. I like it

anavic · October 10, 2009

I apreciate the complexity of the project, and I mainly like it. I'm not sure about the black colour every facade has though.

Great job by twisting blocks and levels.

Squidly · October 10, 2009

This seems a completely contrived assemblage of volumes thrown together in an illegible and badly detailed fashion; and i believe "fashion" is the operable word here.

Mariana · October 10, 2009

I think it is quite creative, if not, it still seems a rather nice house! I loved it, original or not, i have enjoyed this! be it the form or the project itself :)

scottmft · October 10, 2009

good site response...good relationship of forms...i like it...

Sissie · October 09, 2009

nothing creative...........

ooooo · October 09, 2009

but which way????

Peter · October 09, 2009



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